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The Christian Post publishes a few of my articles…

I came a cross an angry atheist’s website who mocked my last name. Something about burritos. As a result, he linked me to the evangelical and nationally acclaimed Christian news website,  The Christian Post. And I was surprised to see that they … Continue reading

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A Four-Year Old’s Reaction to the Abortion Industry

Originally published at Kuyperian Commentary Response to Comments: I am pleased with the enormous response. As of now there have been over 500 views. The vast majority of responses were very supportive and expressed in one way or another the … Continue reading

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Why I am proud to be an American

In the best sense of the term, this has been a very patriotic weekend for me. It began on Thursday evening at the Banquet for Life hosted by Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is a ministry the saints of Providence have … Continue reading

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Bring Out the Champagne! The Party Has Just Begun!

Easter is gone, right? Actually Easter has just begun! The Easter Season lasts for 50 days. It is glorified in the PENT-ecost season. According to the Christian Calendar, Easter lasts until May 19th (Pentecost Sunday). But didn’t we spend ourselves … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting and Psalm-Roar (with Christ Church, Providence Church, and Trinity Presbyterian)

Selection for our Wine and Psalm Roar Season of Lent, March 8th, 2013 Note: The pagination listed follows the Cantus Christi Psalter /Hymnal. The links are to various samples of each psalm. Christ Church, Providence Church, & Trinity Presbyterian 1)   Psalm 1, … Continue reading

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Guilt, Grace, and Galileans

The Gospel Lesson for this Lord’s Day is from Luke 13:1-13. Pilate’s brutality is fully on display right in verse one: “Pilate had mingled Galilean blood with their sacrifices.” “Are these Galileans worse than other Galileans because they suffered in … Continue reading

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God’s House of Healing

Healing is a highly liturgical act. Jesus demonstrates this in a variety of ways, and we too ought to demonstrate it. The idea of cessationism does not do justice to the normative function of the New Creation Church. Cessationism implies … Continue reading

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On the Role of Worship

Toby Sumpter elaborates on the purpose of worship: You see, this is actually the first work of the Kingdom here. This is where we lay our ambush; this is where we perform the great air war. This is where we … Continue reading

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Liturgy is Humbling

Joel Garver explores the nature of the liturgy in this wonderful piece. He concludes: Finally, liturgy is humbling. Our worship seeks a repeated encounter with our living Lord through word and sacrament to cultivate gospel-shaped lives for the sake of … Continue reading

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Why Do I Wear a Clerical Collar?

I have been wanting to write a history of this for some time, but Pastor LeCroy has provided a short history of the wearing of clerical collars in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition. Rev. LeCroy observes: When Reformed pastors would enter the pulpit, … Continue reading

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Liturgy, Life, and the South

Being a Protestant Calvinist in the high-church tradition is not an easy task in the deep south. Apart from the few scattered Anglicans and Lutherans around town, we are surrounded by a largely Baptistic culture. Within the Baptist stream, the … Continue reading

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Liturgical Awareness Near Death

One of the things I distinctly remember about ministering in nursing homes in college and now as a pastor is that the elderly –though most mental faculties are gone–are still liturgically aware. “The Lord be with you” is promptly greeted … Continue reading

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Man Needs Liturgy

David Chilton in his delightful Revelation commentary The Days of Vengeance demurs Protestant rationalism, which has abandoned liturgical worship. He observes that the abandonment of certain liturgical practices actually “contribute to the outbreaks of individualistic pietism.” Chilton concludes succinctly: “Man needs liturgy and … Continue reading

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Farewell to Descartes

Rosenstack-Huessy dedicates an entire chapter bidding farewell to Descartes. He observes that “we do not exist because we think. Man is the son of God and not brought into being by thinking. We are called into a society by a … Continue reading

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What the Liturgy does…

Liturgy transports worshipers into the eschaton. The corporate expression of God’s people on the Lord’s Day is an eschatological experience. In worship, the Spirit pulls us from earth to experience a taste of the world to come in heaven. When … Continue reading

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I am not quite sure of Ridderbos’ sacramental theology, yet in his commentary on John he remarks that the early church viewed John 9 as highly sacramental. He writes that the narrative of the blind man in the Pool of … Continue reading

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At Strasbourg, Calvin used the following words of absolution in his French liturgy, which he composed working from Bucer’s German model: Let each of you confess that you are truly a sinner who must humble himself before God and believe … Continue reading

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Thoughts on High Worship

High church worship (Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholicism) fail at the fundamental level of dualism. They pit the body against the soul; biblical, Reformed liturgical worship undoes the dualism in favor of a Psalmic-led life and liturgy where bodies are … Continue reading

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Liturgical Distinctions between man and woman

Jim Jordan–as always–has a provocative thesis in his well-known article entitled Liturgical Man, Liturgical Woman. Jim’s thesis is that “the differences between men and women are, by creation design, fundamentally liturgical and only secondarily biological and psychological. To put it another … Continue reading

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Why do we go to Church?

I offered a few thoughts here last year.

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What the Liturgy does…

Aidan Kavanaugh writes: The Sunday liturgy of Christians addresses itself primarily to the object of the assembly’s ministry, the world. The Sunday liturgy is not the Church assembled to address itself. The liturgy thus does not cater to the assembly. … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Human and Divine Liturgy

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. In my sermon last week I mentioned that the body in Proverbs is central to the pursuit of wisdom. The Spirit guides the body. It … Continue reading

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Forgiveness of Sins!

Hear the good news! Who is in a position to condemn? Only Christ, and Christ died for us, Christ rose for us, Christ reigns in power for us, Christ prays for us. Anyone who is in Christ is a new … Continue reading

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Children in Worship

We, in the CRE, are certainly in the minority when considering the question of children in worship. With children’s church curriculum abounding in typical evangelical and presbyterian churches, our message seems to be only a drop in the vast ocean … Continue reading

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Closing Hymns/Psalms

One of the main issues I face every week in preparing hymns and psalms for Providence Church is what hymn/psalm is most suitable for closing the service. The Cantus Christi provides several beautiful tunes with richly adorned theological lyrics, and … Continue reading

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Rayburn on the sufficiency of worship…

No Christian should come to God’s house thinking anything else but that everything necessary for life and for happiness and for satisfaction and for fruitfulness is given to him or her in this worship service.

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Posture is Important

Joel Garver writes: Posture in worship is important. If we don’t permit our teens to slouch, shuffle, and stare at the ground when we are addressing them, how can we say posture is unimportant when we come into the presence … Continue reading

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On Certain Forms of Contemporary Worship…

There is a familiarity, an ease, almost a glibness toward God in this worship that communicates to no one that he is a consuming fire, or that he is angry with the wicked every day, or that his eyes are … Continue reading

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Congregational Participation?

Rev. Robert Rayburn writes: But, that is true also even in the matter of congregational participation. The new contemporary service of American Protestantism is more a service to be watched by the congregation than even the traditional Protestant service of … Continue reading

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On Robes

At Providence the elders wear white robes. This is a shift from the traditional Calvinist black robes used by pastors for hundreds of years. Why the change to white robes? Paquier summarizes well our sentiments: The Genevan gown, this anti-liturgical, … Continue reading

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