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Ministering to the Dying this Christmas…

CREC minister Toby Sumpter reflects on their labor to the dying this Christmas: I don’t know her name, but she is barely alive in the shrunken shell of the body God gave her. She lays under blankets and peers out … Continue reading

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Liturgical Protestantism

Leithart concludes: I have a dream: My dream is that Confessional Protestants, having devoted themselves to their rites and hymnals, having assembled for Eucharist and common prayer, having studied to be irrelevant, will find that their trumpets have brought down … Continue reading

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The Church is our Mother

Paul writes that the Jerusalem above is our Mother. In our Lord’s Day assembly we are invited to the heavenlies. The Church is indeed our Mother, since heaven becomes our Mt. Zion and our New Jerusalem; our abode. This is … Continue reading

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The Liturgy Trap by James B. Jordan; Review and Some Additional Thoughts

The Liturgy Trap is a helpful introduction to Biblical worship. But it accomplishes more than a basic premise for Christian worship, it is also a helpful refutation to Roman, Orthodox and Anglo-Catholic forms of liturgy.  Though Jim criticizes the abusive … Continue reading

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White or Black Robe?

In light of my ordination next Wednesday evening (25th), our church is considering changing from the black academic robe to the white robe. In studying the issue I came across this quote from Harry Boonstra: White seems more appropriate than … Continue reading

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Liturgical Advice from Jeff Meyers

Meyers has started a series of liturgical advices. I have never heard background music during the pastoral prayer, but I have head long pastoral prayers before.  I have a friend who was hired by a Presbyterian church and one of … Continue reading

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Yahweh in Worship?

James Grant writes: In this Christianity Today article, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra points out that the Vatican has made a decision to excise the name Yahweh from worship. John Witvliet, director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, says that evangelicals … Continue reading

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Leave the Liturgy Alone!

A dear brother in Christ shared with me recently his amazement at the diversity within the PCA. Coming from a baptistic tradition and settling in a PCA congregation that is committed to the means of grace and a God-honoring liturgy … Continue reading

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Liturgy as Eucharistic

Contemporary services are filled with a delight for the somber. In particular, many come to the Lord’s Table without any expectation to be renewed by God’s grace. The table, to many, serve only as a post-liturgical stick note, rather than … Continue reading

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Excessive somberness…

In a common Presbyterian order of worship, the congregation will move from reflection, confession, singing, and hearing. What is consistent about this liturgical movement is the tone of somberness that contextualizes these steps in worship. And when the sermon is … Continue reading

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Against Liturgy…thoughts from Doug Wilson

One of the most captivating lectures at the Auburn Avenue Conference came from Pastor Douglas Wilson. Wilson entitled his talk: Against Liturgy. This was a play on Leithart’s classic: Against Christianity. In his book, Leithart is opposing the “ism” of … Continue reading

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Prayer of the Faithful

O God, who are great and to be praised, who have brought us from corruption to incorruption by the life-giving death of your Christ, free all our senses from the death of the passions, setting over them as a good … Continue reading

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Jeff Myers and Liturgical Renewal

I have long read Jeff Meyers’ blog. He has always been an insightful voice in an age of liturgical phobia in our Presbyterian tradition. Seven years ago, Jeff Meyers, Leithart, Jordan, and others were part of a Reformed Liturgical Conference. … Continue reading

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The Enlightenment and its Effect on the Church

The philosophie des lumieres, commonly known as the Enlightenment, continues to have a destructive effect on our church’s liturgy and life. Hans Kung ably summarizes what was lost with the emergence of the Enlightenment: Order, hierarchy, authority, discipline, Church, dogma, … Continue reading

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The Advent and The Fullness of Time

4 But when the fullness of time had come… Calvin writes that “that season is the most fit, and that mode of acting is the most proper, which the providence of God directs.” The season and time of the arrival of … Continue reading

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The Unorthodoxy of Christmas…

While the world prepares for the holidays, we prepare for the Arrival of our Lord. While the world consumes Christmas, we consume Christ. There is nothing more tragic in this Advent than the common shared unorthodoxy of Christians and non- … Continue reading

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His Name is Wonderful

Living in Orlando offers tremendous opportunities this Advent Season. With St. Andrews’ Chapel  close by, we usually attend their Ligonier Ministries Advent Service. It is a glorious time to see old friends and hear R.C. Sproul deliver a powerful message. … Continue reading

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Rejoicing in the Advent

As we come to the end of this year, I would like to spend the last few weeks making some comments on the relationship between the Advent and our faith. The Season of Advent is a glorious time for those … Continue reading

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Music as Art and Worship

Music has always enhanced worship. In fact, it is hard for anyone even to fathom what worshiping is without music. Music by its very nature is sacramental. It replenishes weary humanity with a touch of peace and sanity. Music calms … Continue reading

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Psalm Singing

The debate over Psalm singing is particularly discussed in Reformed circles. The issue involves adherence to the “regulative principle,” which affirms that only that which is in the Scriptures is to be practiced in the church. Some have come to … Continue reading

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Liturgy and Its Purposes, Part II

In continuing this short series on liturgy, I am reminded of an article I read several years ago in college that relates to this topic. The article dealt with the growing attraction of traditional churches to the younger population here … Continue reading

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Liturgy and its Purpose part 1

In the last five months I have considered the purpose of liturgy. Michael Horton a few years ago wrote an article defending liturgy. In particular, he was defending Reformed liturgy. In our day, it appears  people have completely misunderstood the … Continue reading

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Reflections On Developing A Spiritual Pattern

In a time when discipline is pushed aside due to pragmatism, spiritual theology is pushed aside due to evangelical lethargy. It is a daunting task to set spiritual goals when they may be in a near future altered by our … Continue reading

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