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Avoid the Language of “Already, and Not Yet”

Since I have been deeply involved in the eschatology debate for over ten years, had some of my works published in other eschatology websites, interviewed postmillennial authors, and have been in the healthy business of proselytizing premils to the postmil … Continue reading


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How I Have Changed

I spent a couple of hours today chatting with an old friend of mine. He is now a pastor of a Lutheran congregation. He is a fine fellow whom I long to re-acquaint face to face with a pipe and … Continue reading

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Bring Out the Champagne! The Party Has Just Begun!

Easter is gone, right? Actually Easter has just begun! The Easter Season lasts for 50 days. It is glorified in the PENT-ecost season. According to the Christian Calendar, Easter lasts until May 19th (Pentecost Sunday). But didn’t we spend ourselves … Continue reading

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Betraying the Lordship of Christ

My faithful Kuyperian friend, Jake Belder, offers a great quote from David Bosch’s December 1979 issue of the Journal of Theology for Southern Africa. The quote is lengthy, but here is the concluding paragraph: If we forget this we commit the same … Continue reading

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A Pastor’s Note: Christmas and Lordship

In the last few years The New York Times has been publishing several articles on Christmas and religious displays. In one article published in 2004, the author complains about the lack of Christian themes in modern Christmas music, while another … Continue reading

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Hyper-Pious Love vs. Biblical Love

From Contra Mundum, Volume I, 1955 The Biblical and the socialist-communist laws of love are irreconcilable and are in mortal conflict. They are not primarily two laws about “love” in varying degrees, with the socialist law having a higher degree … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Declaration and the Lordship of Christ

Andrew Sandlin responds to John Macarthur in his latest article Lordship Salvation is Not Enough: But the fact is, the state must never be about the Gospel or redemption, only about justice (Rom. 13:1–7).  We have a name for political … Continue reading

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All power and authority

In light of my talk tomorrow at New Life Presbyterian on the Wrath of God, I decided to post my introductory paragraph with the hope that I shall post the rest at some other opportune time. If the love of … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part VII

As a Young Man taken by his brother Warren I would like to continue dealing in shorter articles with Book III. It is here where Lewis discusses the Cardinal and Theological Virtues. These virtues have the power to transform cultures. … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part VI

In this final book,[1] Lewis speaks about the “so what” of the Christian life. Book III on Christian Behaviour goes far beyond the theological snobbery. In past times in Church History, theology was not seen as being application. This idea … Continue reading

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The Garden and Labor Day Part II

My theses in case you have been wondering from the first post is that Labor Day and our entire idea of resting outside of the Biblical establishment of true rest is a misguided concept. All excessive holidays and even excessive … Continue reading

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The Garden and Labor Day Part I

Americans and Canadians celebrated Labor Day on the 4th of September. Naturally, they slept in, barbecued with family, and enjoyed a peaceful evening at home. Certainly every man is worthy of rest and for some, the limited rest just isn’t … Continue reading

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The Garden and Open Theism

Genesis 3:9 says: Yahweh God called to the man, and said to him, “Where are you?” When the garden appeared to be the perfect manifestation of stability, Adam and Eve were easily deceived by the serpent. The Kingdom of God … Continue reading

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The Expanding Garden Part II

Continuing this short discussion on the expanding Garden, my dear friend Rob comments that the Garden is the dwelling place of God. I have no quarrels with that. In fact, Professor Mark Futato brought that to my attention a few years … Continue reading

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The Expanding Garden

My contention is that the people of God are making a journey back into the garden where righteousness dwells. However, this garden is not an exact replica of the Garden of Eden. It is still the same garden, but different … Continue reading

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The Garden and Monogamy…

The Garden is first a desired location for Christians. The garden serves as a blessed rest after elect humanity fulfills the Great Commission and Christ brings His enemies under His feet. But the garden continues to be a source of … Continue reading

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The Garden: Preliminary thoughts

The Garden of Eden is hidden from contemporary evangelicalism because it is not what they want. It is better for some that the reality in Eden be never replicated on earth. The splendor of the garden is lost and now … Continue reading

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Good Wine, Good Fellowship!

  As is custom in my household, a little glass of red wine (any red wine) before my nightly rest is the culmination of my evening. After my glass of wine I know that the evening is coming to a … Continue reading

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An Alternative to Democracy

The voice of the people or the voice of God? Contrary to popular enlightened American thinking, vox populi is not the voice of Theos. Believe it or not, it was never intended to be. Society was to be governed by … Continue reading

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