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Preaching and the Prodigal Son

I often sit at my desk on Monday morning after a tiring and refreshing Sunday, and say to myself “Here I go again!” I just finished preaching and leading a liturgical service the day before, fellowshiped in the afternoon, and on … Continue reading

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Guilt, Grace, and Galileans

The Gospel Lesson for this Lord’s Day is from Luke 13:1-13. Pilate’s brutality is fully on display right in verse one: “Pilate had mingled Galilean blood with their sacrifices.” “Are these Galileans worse than other Galileans because they suffered in … Continue reading

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Translation of Luke 13:31-35

This Sunday’s Gospel lesson is from St. Luke 13:31-35. Here is my translation of this text: 31 -In that same hour, some Pharisees came up, saying to Him: “Go away and leave this place. Herod wants to kill you.” 32 … Continue reading

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God’s House of Healing

Healing is a highly liturgical act. Jesus demonstrates this in a variety of ways, and we too ought to demonstrate it. The idea of cessationism does not do justice to the normative function of the New Creation Church. Cessationism implies … Continue reading

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Authority of Word and Miracles

Arthur Just makes the simple observation that ἐξουσίᾳ (authority) is used in Luke 4:32 and 4:36. The first connects Jesus’ authority with his words/teaching and the second connects it with his miracles. Jesus’ words cannot be separated from his miracles. The … Continue reading

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Luke 4:16-30 and the Implications for the Defenseless in the Womb

The good news to the poor Jesus came to preach (Luke 4) is the good news to the defenseless in the womb by implication. The poor is usually swallowed by those who take his life by force. The good news … Continue reading

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The New Elijah

In a technical, but fascinating piece in the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, John C. Poirier observes that Jesus is the true Messiah Priestly Elijah figure. And further, that interpretations that have viewed Elijah as merely a prophet has led to “unnecessary complications … Continue reading

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Exhortation: According to thy Word

In Luke 1, Mary discovers that she will bear the Son of God. Though the message was striking, Mary’s response is likewise striking: 38And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to … Continue reading

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Third Sunday of Easter; Luke 24:13-35: Resurrection Perplexity and Gospel Confirmation

AUDIO Introduction: People of God, in this gospel lesson we see the end of history breaking in in the middle of history in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Prayer: May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of our … Continue reading

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How is Jesus known?

The Gospel of Luke paints a splendid portrait of how we come to know the risen Christ, and how this risen Christ calls us to renew our zeal for His service. The disciples on the road to Emmaus are saddened … Continue reading

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Dazzling Apparel in Luke 24

Notice that the angels are in dazzling apparel. When we speak in creation terms we usually say that out of nothing, nothing comes. Assuming a naturalistic view point, we could say that out of darkness, darkness comes. But the reality … Continue reading

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The Stone as Sign of Stability…

We may be tempted to think that the stone is rolled away so Jesus can escape, but the stone is rolled away for us, so we may experience the resurrection in this kingdom age. The stone is the great symbol … Continue reading

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Jesus and Ressurection in Luke 2

Editor’s Note: This is a brief excerpt from Sunday’s Sermon, January 3rd, 2010 at Providence Church in Pensacola, Fl (CREC) Why three days? Is it possible that this is a prefiguring of the resurrection of Christ on the third day? … Continue reading

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Loyalty in Luke

Jesus answers the question of loyalty in Luke 2. When asked about his whereabouts, Jesus answers that dealing with His heavenly Father’s business was more important than dealing with his earthly father’s business. As Green observes: Luke has staged this … Continue reading

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It is necessary…

In Luke 2:49, the author stresses Jesus’ response to Mary’s inquiry about his whereabouts. Jesus’ answer is one of “must-ness.” Hendriksen notes that “the fact that his entire life was controlled by the divine ‘must’ (indicates that he) was in … Continue reading

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Jesus the New Samuel

Jesus experienced the various stages of human growth. Luke’s account echoes I Samuel 2. Jesus is the greater Samuel.

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Jesus and Learning

The apocryphal writers were fond of treating the human nature of Jesus like the divine nature of Jesus. They attributed omniscience and mighty powers to the human nature of Jesus.  But Luke tells us what the author of Hebrews confirm: … Continue reading

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Luke 3, We Have Abraham as Our Father

A quote from this Sunday’s sermon at Providence: …the text seems to equate this type of thinking with the worst of theological errors. The overall point of this passage is that unless you embrace the Messiah who is being introduced … Continue reading

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Numbers in Luke 3

Leithart writes: The genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3 contains 77 names. Several commentators suggest that the names are arranged in 11 groups of 7, and that there is a pattern of 7s (groups of 2 and 3 7s) that … Continue reading

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A Thought on Fish in Luke 24

Thinking typologically, Jesus asks to eat in 24:41. They give him fish. Fish is Gentiles in the NT. The fish eats Jonah, the Jewish missionary. Jonah did not bring good news to Gentiles when first called. Jesus eats the fish. … Continue reading

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Leithart on Luke 24

But Word by itself is not enough. Even after Jesus has explained everything about Himself in the Scriptures, the two disciples still don’t recognize Him. That occurs only when He breaks bread with them It is the same for the … Continue reading

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Luke 24:36-49

A couple of interesting points while preparing for my Luke 24 sermon is that some commentators see a division on verse 44. In other words, while the previous passage (36-43) refer to the resurrection evening, verse 44 introduces Jesus appearing … Continue reading

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