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Finality and Sufficiency of Jesus for Mankind

Leslie Newbigin, the remarkable missiologist and theologian, writes in his delightful little book Trinitarian Doctrine for Today’s Mission that there was a time when religions were observed from afar in the Western world as “objects of compassion and curiosity.” But now (writing … Continue reading

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Localized Theology

We may have great expectations for the world and indeed we should, but we fail at times to have similar expectations for our community; the community we have been called to serve. Churches are called to specific areas, and so … Continue reading

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Martyrs and Unity

Fellow CREC pastor, Toby Sumpter writes: Over at First Things, George Weigel reports on the latest findings of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research. Some of the statistics are provocative, particularly those related to the number of martyrs: “The provocation … Continue reading

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The Suffering Church

The latest edition of Touchstone Magazine relays the story of two Christians executed in Pakistan. After being sent to prison–due to false charges–the story unfolds thusly: In fact, the police were set to exonerate the two brothers because a handwriting examination … Continue reading

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What the Liturgy does…

Aidan Kavanaugh writes: The Sunday liturgy of Christians addresses itself primarily to the object of the assembly’s ministry, the world. The Sunday liturgy is not the Church assembled to address itself. The liturgy thus does not cater to the assembly. … Continue reading

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Monks Turning to Christ

Phil Ryken reports: In a March 18 report, Christian Aid reports that nearly 5000 Buddhist monks (location undisclosed) have recently turned to Christ.  A worker reports: “It appears that the Holy Spirit had urged these monks and nuns to call … Continue reading

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The Missio Dei in action

Neil Boortz (the famous Libertarian talk-show host) expounded briefly today on the psychology of giving. Among many of his points was the idea that when one does not respond immediately to disasters, then the chances of supporting relief efforts at … Continue reading

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Missio Dei

Another school year has begun at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. One of the surprising elements of this semester has been my Mission’s class. One of our many assignments is Bosch’s classic on Missiology. Bosch may come to unique conclusions, … Continue reading

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Peculiar Christianity in the Love of God’s People

There are sociological reasons/factors that contributed to the spread of Christianity in the 1st century. Among them is the Pax Romana, which facilitated the message to be preached in Rome. Also, the advantage of the formation of Koine Greek. It … Continue reading

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