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How I Have Changed

I spent a couple of hours today chatting with an old friend of mine. He is now a pastor of a Lutheran congregation. He is a fine fellow whom I long to re-acquaint face to face with a pipe and … Continue reading

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Why am I Angry?

Why am I angry? Why do I lose control so often? How can I change? These are all questions we have considered. We don’t have to ponder too long before we realize that anger has made a home in our … Continue reading

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Homosexuality Brings Death!

Homosexuality brings death! The entire testimony of sacred Scriptures attests to this fact. St. Paul writes that they “dishonor their bodies among themselves.” Yet our culture continues to live as if it is simply a choice like any another. But … Continue reading


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Brothers, We Should Stink!

Thabiti Anyabwile is at it again. According to Thabiti: These days pastoral ministry has become more glamorous, fabulous, fashionable than ever. We hear nowadays of pastors driving expensive cars or being chauffeured, owning private jets, and living in opulent mansions. Once … Continue reading

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The Pastor and His Family

Though I am in the process of editing a book on the importance of the Church, and the imperative to love the Church as God’s greatest sphere on earth, I also want to stress the significance for pastors to love … Continue reading

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Pastors and Warfare

A strong exhortation from Brian Croft on the dangers of sermon preparation: Pastors, make no mistake.  That battle wages even now.  We are on the front lines of it as the enemy wants our souls and the souls of those … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday Pastoral Meditation

Jesus is the hope of the world. The crowds gathering and cheering the coming of Jesus into Jerusalem indicates that they were placing their hopes and expectations on Him. They may have failed to understand in what sense Jesus would … Continue reading

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Lenten Pastoral Meditation

Out of the most unlikely people in biblical history we discover the richest theology. The first century did not view the testimony of women as reliable. This is one reason the resurrection story is so fascinating, since the women were … Continue reading

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