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Truth Must be Socially Represented

Rosenstanck-Huessy viewed truth as social necessity. Indeed, truth needs to be placed and shared  in the midst of the people. Paul makes a similar point in Philemon when he spoke about the fellowship (koinonia) of truth deepening our understanding of … Continue reading

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Paul’s use of koinonia in Philemon is a way of describing mutual identification. To be in koinonia with one another is to be mutually identified with that person. It means sharing in sorrow and joy; fellowshipping in biblical truth. For … Continue reading

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Paul embodies the life of reconciliation. But reconciliation is not devoid of tact and graciousness. In Paul’s appeal to Philemon he begins with grace and greetings, rather than accusation and forceful terms. Paul’s reconciliatory letter is a mediatorial letter. Pastors–in … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Reconciliation

Luther said that in Philemon, Paul is “playing Christ in the drama.” The drama of Philemon is the drama of reconciliation; not merely between Philemon and Onesimus, but reconciliation within the koinonia of the body. The church is constantly bombarded … Continue reading

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