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Eschatology, Poythress, and the Hallelujah Chorus

I hope to write in the next 18 months a short booklet on eschatology. I have written some papers in the past, but have not been able to provide a general outline, specifically of the postmillennial hope, and its contrast … Continue reading

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Avoid the Language of “Already, and Not Yet”

Since I have been deeply involved in the eschatology debate for over ten years, had some of my works published in other eschatology websites, interviewed postmillennial authors, and have been in the healthy business of proselytizing premils to the postmil … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Psalm 95 from Scottish Psalter of 1650

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The Psalter and Its Purposes

With the resurgence of the psalms in many evangelicals circles, I thought I’d re-state some basic themes of the psalms and a couple of thoughts on how they can be used. As a general introduction, the Psalter offers its rich … Continue reading

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Pastoral Meditation on God’s Justice for the Season of Lent

We treasure by our very nature as new creation beings (II Cor. 5) the justice of God upon injustice. We are imprecational beings. The Psalms are given for and to us for a particular reason. They are our prayers. They … Continue reading

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We Need New Ears and Eyes

I began my day reading through Jim Jordan’s magnum opus, Through New Eyes. Jim is a dear friend and we have worked together for three years (09-11). I have literally read and listened to hundreds of articles, sermons, & lessons. If Jim … Continue reading

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The Joy of Christian Roaring

As Jim Jordan makes his way to his piano bench, he looks at us and with youthful excitement asks: “Are you ready to roar?” We all exclaim with one voice Roaaaaarr! It seems rather infantile, but in reality we are made … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting and Psalm-Roar (with Christ Church, Providence Church, and Trinity Presbyterian)

Selection for our Wine and Psalm Roar Season of Lent, March 8th, 2013 Note: The pagination listed follows the Cantus Christi Psalter /Hymnal. The links are to various samples of each psalm. Christ Church, Providence Church, & Trinity Presbyterian 1)   Psalm 1, … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter, Psalm 100 (Old One Hundredth)

Psalm 100, RPCNA Synod

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Saturday Psalter,Genevan 80

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Exhortation: The Voice of Yahweh

  In the Psalm we are reciting this morning we will hear a lot about the voice of Yahweh. Psalm 29 says some spectacular things about what the voice of Yahweh accomplishes. It literally transforms the landscape of the desert, makes … Continue reading

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Psalm 148, From Heave’n All Praise the Lord

Here is a recording of Psalm 148 from one of our Psalm-Roars last year. Spurgeon on Psalm 148: Assuredly he has made you, and, if for nothing else, ye are bound, upon the ground of creatureship, to adore your Maker.

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Psalm 46 to the tune of Ein’ Feste Burg


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Sarturday Psalter, Psalm 80, Genevan

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The Abuse of Introspection

Some people dwell so much on their sinfulness that they find themselves constantly bombarding their status with doubt. Am I really a Christian? Am I worthy? These questions are not atypical of those who grow up in environments where internalized … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Psalm 27

Here is a sweet rendition of Genevan Psalm 27. Thanks to David Koyzis

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Psalm 45, My Heart Has Found a Ready Theme

The Saints of Providence Church gather quarterly to enjoy great wine and roar inspired psalms. Here is a sample of our singing:

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Michael Jones and Psalm-Singing

Fellow pastor and psalm-lover, Michael Jones, offers us a glimpse of Psalm-Singing with guitar and banjo. This is a mighty fine illustration that Psalm-singing is not dependent on any given instrument. Psalm 147 from the Congregation Psalter

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Saturday Psalter: The Scottish and Psalm-Singing

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Saturday Psalter: Westminster Cathedral Choir Singing Psalms

Westminster Cathedral

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Fifth Sunday in Lent: Psalm 119:9-16, Re-Shaped by the Word of God

Prayer: May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, our Rock, and our nearest Kinsman, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Sermon: People of God, this morning we conclude our … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Genevan, Psalm 17

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Responsive Psalm: Psalm 119:9-16

Here is my translation of Psalm 119:9-16 for Sunday’s Responsive Psalm: Pastor: How does a young man purify his paths? People: By taking heed to your word. With my whole heart have I sought you; O let me not wander … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis on the Psalms

Lewis argues that the reason he first deals with Judgment in the Psalms is because his generation “was brought up to eat everything on the plate; and it was sound principle of nursery gastronomy to polish off the nasty things … Continue reading

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The Young Man in Psalm 119:9

It is interesting that the etymology of the Hebrew nä·ar’ is rooted in the idea of a roaring lion (Jer. 31:58). The young man in Psalm 119 refers then to the genesis of the exploratory phase of his life. He is moving from … Continue reading

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Psalm 119, Brief Thoughts

This gigantic display of law-glory is a many-sided view of God’s Law-Word. It is the genuine delight of the psalmist to express his admiration and deepest regard for God’s revealed word, primarily in the Torah, and then in the whole … Continue reading

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Fourth Sunday in Lent: Psalm 107:1-9: Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so

People of God, this morning we are going to sample a little more of the Lenten journey in the Psalter by focusing on a small portion of the lengthy Psalm 107. This is a psalm of desperation.[1] It is a … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Genevan Psalm 13

Genevan, Psalm 13 (Words)

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Psalm 107 described in one sentence

Psalm 107 is given so that we may remember that trials are not the end, but the beginning of a journey that culminates on Resurrection Sunday.

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Baptism, Spiritual Rock, and Wilderness Wanderings

Psalm 107 speaks of the many ways in which Israel suffered. Those sufferings had a greater purpose. As Israel meditated on their journey they would remember the many ways God has protected and provided. They were to give thanks to … Continue reading

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