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Eschatology, Poythress, and the Hallelujah Chorus

I hope to write in the next 18 months a short booklet on eschatology. I have written some papers in the past, but have not been able to provide a general outline, specifically of the postmillennial hope, and its contrast … Continue reading

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Machen Quotes

In light of a wonderful study this morning on J. Gresham Machen, here are a few quotes from this stalwart of the faith: “Place the lives of children in their formative years, despite the convictions of their parents, under the intimate control … Continue reading

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Avoid the Language of “Already, and Not Yet”

Since I have been deeply involved in the eschatology debate for over ten years, had some of my works published in other eschatology websites, interviewed postmillennial authors, and have been in the healthy business of proselytizing premils to the postmil … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Mission (N.T. Wright)

His (Jesus) fundamental mission–the reason for his coming into the world–was to accomplish the task which was marked out for Israel, namely, to undo the sin of Adam. In order to achieve this goal, he became human. –N.T. Wright, The … Continue reading

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Book Review: Gods at War: Defeating the Idols that Battle for your Heart by Kyle Idleman

These days I rarely finish a book. I am currently reading through so many books I can barely keep track of which ones. I usually peruse a book, find what I want, and leave it buried in my increasing treasury … Continue reading

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Maundy Thursday Meditation

Maundy Thursday comes from the Latin Mandatum. The word comes from Jesus’ command on the Last Supper to love one another just as He loved them (Lk. 24). The message of love is very much central to the Gospel message. Evangelicals are all too … Continue reading

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Pastoral Meditation on God’s Justice for the Season of Lent

We treasure by our very nature as new creation beings (II Cor. 5) the justice of God upon injustice. We are imprecational beings. The Psalms are given for and to us for a particular reason. They are our prayers. They … Continue reading

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We Need New Ears and Eyes

I began my day reading through Jim Jordan’s magnum opus, Through New Eyes. Jim is a dear friend and we have worked together for three years (09-11). I have literally read and listened to hundreds of articles, sermons, & lessons. If Jim … Continue reading

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Why Most Christians Should Use Facebook!

It is likely that you are a Facebook user. In fact, over one billion people are on Facebook. And of course, it is likely that you are reading this article because a friend linked to it on their Facebook page. … Continue reading

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The Progressive Steps of the Written Word of God

Only the written word of God, confidingly followed in the progressive steps of its advance, can lead the weakest or the wisest into the deep blessedness of the life that is in Christ, and into the final glory of the … Continue reading

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George Grant on Piety and Activism

“Activism without deep spiritual resources inevitably draws from shallow wells that soon run dry–it cannot long be sustained. This it ceases to be active. Piety without a forthright cultural agenda inevitably capitulates to the prevailing pressures of the world–it cannot … Continue reading

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Herod the Fox, Jesus the Hen, and the Exodus: Lectionary, Luke 13:31-35

In these few verses in St. Luke, the writer plays on the animal vocabulary to describe two opposing groups. In the process it also echoes the exodus motif. In this text, Herod is described as a fox. A fox is … Continue reading

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The Obedient Son

Jesus is the obedient Son, and his obedience confirms his status as the Chosen One (cf. 9:31-35) who, entrusted with authority, has used his authority rightly and who extends his authority through the Holy Spirit in the church. –David Hester

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The Intrusion of Advent

In Advent, Christians embrace the groaning and recognize it not as hopeless whimpering over the paucity of the present moment but as expectant yearning for a divine banquet that Jesus is preparing for us even now. In Advent, the church … Continue reading

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The Church in History

The true Church is the Church in history theologically begun in the garden when the first priest, Adam, was created, and then she continued in all her imperfection from Father Abraham to King David to the Fall of Jerusalem, and … Continue reading

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Liturgical Strategy

The worship of the Church accomplishes work in the world. Battles are won or lost as a result of how our churches worship God. Too often we act as though our differences over liturgy were simply differences over decoration, instead … Continue reading

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The Historical Church

Those who are in the historical Church should not see that Church as defiled because it is earthly, but rather as immature because it is early. {Douglas Wilson, Mother Kirk, 26}

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The New Revolutionary

Being a revolutionary used to mean that you overthrew a government; now it means that you are a courageous enough visionary to have church on a golf course or in someone’s living room. {Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck, Why We Love … Continue reading

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Unpacking Forgiveness

“Too many people dread learning about forgiveness. They fear they will learn what they ought to do and that what they ought to do will make them miserable.” —Chris Brauns, Unpacking Forgiveness, pg.18

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The Mandate of Creation

To be a Christian is to be obliged to engage the world, pursuing God’s restorative purposes over all of life, individual and corporate, public and private. This is the mandate of creation. {Hunter, To Change the World, 4}

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In the Christian view…human beings are, by divine intent and their very nature, world-makers. {James Davison Hunter, To Change the World, 3}

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Strengthening the Family is Self-Defeating…

“Any attempt to strengthen the family without also strengthening the institutional Church is self-defeating for Christians.” –Quoted in The Church-Friendly Family

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The Fiery Weapon

  The Church is God’s greatest masterpiece. It is not a man-made institution; it is the creation of God the Father, Son, and Spirit. It is the fiery weapon that God uses to pierce the hearts of men. {Editor’s Introduction, The … Continue reading

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Putting Humans to Right

God is going to put the whole world to rights… But the advance plan for that is to put human beings to rights in advance. The gospel isn’t just Phew! I’m okay now so I’m going to heaven!It’s I’m actually … Continue reading

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What the Blessed Man Believes About His Children

The blessed man will not accept what the world says about his children. He will believe what God says about his children. God says they are olive plants, holy and beloved. Thus, the godly man will water his children in … Continue reading

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Inescapably Personal

If the universe is inescapably personal, then there can be no phenomenon or event in the creation which is independent from God. {Gary North, Genesis: The Dominion Covenant, 2}

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Doug Wilson on Biblical Memorization

Yes, we are to store God’s word in our hearts. Yes, it will keep us from sin. But we are not instructed to cram His Word into our hearts sideways or upside down. God’s Word cannot be properly hidden in … Continue reading

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Caesar vs. Jesus

Phillips summarizes the evangelistic distinctions between the disciples of Christ and the disciples of Caesar: But whereas the Caesars sought to Romanize the world through brutality, force, and bloodshed, the Christians sought to evangelize the world through love, self-giving, and … Continue reading

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Patrick Henry and the Revivalists

Thomas Kidd describes Rev. Patrick Henry’s (the revolutionary’s uncle) reaction to the revivalist era: For the revivalists, religiosity and morality were not enough for Christians: instead, they focused on the experience of personal conversion, or being “born again.” Some of the new … Continue reading

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Patrick Henry’s Obituary

Patrick Henry’s obituary in the Virginia Gazette: “Farewell, first-rate patriot, farewell! As long as our rivers flow, or mountains stand–so long will your excellence and worth be the theme of homage and endearment, and Virginia, bearing in mind her loss, … Continue reading

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