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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part VII

As a Young Man taken by his brother Warren I would like to continue dealing in shorter articles with Book III. It is here where Lewis discusses the Cardinal and Theological Virtues. These virtues have the power to transform cultures. … Continue reading

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An Analysis of Luther’s Understanding of the Fruit of the Spirit and Its Implications for our Sanctification Part I

Professor Sinclair Ferguson has said that “All the energy of the Trinity for our salvation has been focused on transforming us into Christ-likeness.”[1] Christ-likeness is our greatest goal in this present existence. Far from the existentialist who desires to live … Continue reading

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Philosophical Language in the Reformation

Who depended on whom? Some have said that the Reformers simply traded the Aristotle of Aquinas for Plato. But who did the Reformers rely for their Reformation? Did they attempt to borrow from Greeks to establish their world view? The … Continue reading

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A Defense of Sabbath Observance

Bishop J.C. Ryle: The Sabbath is a Day to Keep There is a subject in the present day which demands the serious attention of all professing Christians in the United Kingdom. That subject is the Christian Sabbath, or Lord’s Day. … Continue reading

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On The Sabbath Day

This Sabbath is to be kept holy unto the Lord when men, after a due preparing of their hearts, and ordering of their common affairs beforehand, do not only observe an holy rest all the day from their own works, … Continue reading

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Preaching and sacraments!

I will be making a few generalizations in this blog, and hopefully the larger context of friends will not be too highly offended. Now that I am World Cup free I am able to concentrate a bit more on some … Continue reading

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A Case for Preterism and a Critique of Dispensationalism, Hoekema and a host of other eschatological discussions Part 4

Some final comments are necessary here to summarize thus far. I will try to explain briefly some of the major differences between Hoekema and Demar in their understanding of prophecy and in the next few posts will deal with John’s … Continue reading

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Heaven our ultimate destiny? Part 1

Hoekema in his very influential The Bible and the Future describes the outlandish confession of many Christians that heaven is our ultimate destiny. Many of these proclamations are found in the hymnology of the church, particularly in more evangelical hymnody. … Continue reading

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Doctrine As Concrete

Neil Postman’s understanding of modern society 20 years ago was that we have amused ourselves to death by salivating over what I call “media materialism.” Not only are we unaware about the growing indifference evangelicals have towards historical doctrine, but … Continue reading

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Covenant Blessings and Curses in the Face of a Righteous King

In recent years my understanding of Covenant Theology has increased in various ways. Indeed, it was only four years ago when I would have mocked at such a thought of conditionality from God’s part. Nevertheless, my studies have led me … Continue reading

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Sinclair Ferguson on the Relationship between church and kingdom

What then is the relationship between the church and the kingdom? The theme of the kingdom is referred to 100 plus times in the gospels. Through Jesus the kingdom has broken through. Can the term basileia always be substituted for … Continue reading

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Sinclair Ferguson teaches his last class at RTS/Orlando

I just found out today that Dr. Sinclair Ferguson will no longer be teaching at RTS during Winter classes. I am very thankful to have sat under this godly and brilliant man. His lectures on the church and the sacraments … Continue reading

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Ecclesiology and the Sacraments with Sinclair Ferguson

Here are a few of Dr. Ferguson’s lecture notes from the class I am currently taking with him at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando): This topic is so key today because of the demise of the church in the West (Europe … Continue reading

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Psalm Singing

The debate over Psalm singing is particularly discussed in Reformed circles. The issue involves adherence to the “regulative principle,” which affirms that only that which is in the Scriptures is to be practiced in the church. Some have come to … Continue reading

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Minimizing the gospel…

In what seems to be a life or death situation, some Reformed scholars have gone so far as to say that justification by faith is the gospel. You wouldn’t expect such language from reputable professors who are embedded with the … Continue reading

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Keith Mathison on Why Evangelicals Must Recover sola Scriptura

The Evangelical church has not awakened readily to a fact that many Roman Catholic apologists have been quick to notice. The simple fact of the matter is this: the modern Evangelical doctrine of Scripture-solo Scriptura-is self-contradictory and fundamentally absurd. If … Continue reading

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