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10 Things to Expect in a Federal Vision Church

I recently read a post by a frustrated woman on the outcome of some decisions made in different PCA Presbyteries. Among many things, this individual observed that she was deeply concerned for the well-being of the people who attend PCA … Continue reading

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This world is not my home…or is it?

Those who follow me on twitter may see several tweets with the hash-tag #Ruthproject. The Ruth project is a new work I am working with a fellow pastor from Birmingham. We are working on a commentary on Ruth. But this will … Continue reading

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Instrument and Agent

The Church is both the instrument and agent of applying Christ’s salvation, as well as the form that salvation takes in the world. –Rich Lusk, An Introduction to M.F. Sadler’s The Second Adam & The New Birth

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What the Blessed Man Believes About His Children

The blessed man will not accept what the world says about his children. He will believe what God says about his children. God says they are olive plants, holy and beloved. Thus, the godly man will water his children in … Continue reading

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The Church-Friendly Family

After three years of editing, The Church-Friendly Family is finally available for purchase. You can purchase the book from Covenant Media: Of the making of books about marriage and the family, there is no end. The family is in trouble today―and … Continue reading

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Religion is always there

Again Lusk on the inescapability of religion: …religion is always already there because God is always already there and religion is simply our way of interfacing with and interacting with God in our moment by moment existence.

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Secular Space

Rich Lusk observes in his insightful On Being the Church in America: Secular space had to be imagined ex nihlo and then constructed from scratch in order create a sphere of human life which would be governed by “pure reason,” free … Continue reading

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The Christian Marriage

In light of the upcoming book I am editing, I hope to be able to post a few quotes: The Christian marriage is a Spirit-filled song and dance; as with all dances, the man leads and the woman follows. Together … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 12

Christians are walking dead men. The Christian life is a kind of living death. We are learning to be broken, even as Jesus was broken. We are learning to give ourselves in costly sacrifice, even as Jesus did. We are learning to … Continue reading

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Imaging the Triune Life; or Living Perichoretically

Because we are made in God’s image, God is the model for humanity. The Father, Son, and Spirit mutually indwell one another’s lives (Jn. 13-17). The theological term for this is “perichoresis.” “Peri” is Greek for “around.” We get the … Continue reading

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