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Farewell to Descartes

Rosenstack-Huessy dedicates an entire chapter bidding farewell to Descartes. He observes that “we do not exist because we think. Man is the son of God and not brought into being by thinking. We are called into a society by a … Continue reading

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Truth Must be Socially Represented

Rosenstanck-Huessy viewed truth as social necessity. Indeed, truth needs to be placed and shared  in the midst of the people. Paul makes a similar point in Philemon when he spoke about the fellowship (koinonia) of truth deepening our understanding of … Continue reading

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Death Precedes Life

My exposure to Rosenstuock-Huessy have come mainly from my dear brothers Jim Jordan, Peter Leithart, and Rich Bledsoe. I have been cautiously delving into I am An Impure Thinker. I found this gem right in the beginning (Moltke quotes Huessy): … Continue reading

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