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This world is not my home…or is it?

Those who follow me on twitter may see several tweets with the hash-tag #Ruthproject. The Ruth project is a new work I am working with a fellow pastor from Birmingham. We are working on a commentary on Ruth. But this will … Continue reading

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Let the ga’al of Yahweh say so

Psalm 107 draws our attention to the kinsman redeemer (Let the redeemed of Yahweh say so). The gä·al’ takes us back to the ransoming of Ruth. Ruth (bridal) rejoices in her deliverance, and so Israel (bridal) gives thanks to God.

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Worst of Times, Best of Times

If you have read Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities you remember the unforgettable opening: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… If I could re-arrange Dickens’ order and apply it to world history, … Continue reading

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No King In Israel?

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. The irony of this is that Yahweh was king in Israel, but the people did not acknowledge Yahweh as king, rather they … Continue reading

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Great Riches vs. Great Name

It seems–textually–there is a reason the man in Ruth 4 is nameless. Proverbs 22 says that “a  good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.” This man chose his riches, his interests … Continue reading

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Word and Sacrament in Ruth

Boaz promises that if the nearest kinsman will not marry Ruth, he will. He gives her his word, but not only his word of promise–also a sign; a sacrament to assure Ruth that he is who he says he is. … Continue reading

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Boaz’s Purity

In Ruth 3, Boaz could have lied about the fact that there was a nearer kinsman/redeemer and the marriage would have been consummated that very night. But Boaz was pure, patient, and self-disciplined. He was obedient to the law. As … Continue reading

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Ruth’s Twists and Turns

The book of Ruth is a perfect story; a story made in heaven. It offers the reader in four concise chapters the intrigue and suspense of the gospel. Far from a mechanical demonstration of God’s works, the gospel is a … Continue reading

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Boaz’s Rest

In Ruth 3, Boaz has drunk and eaten and now he is at rest. The purpose of Naomi for Ruth is that she will find rest in Boaz who is rest himself. Ruth’s union to Boaz means that Ruth receives … Continue reading

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Rest in Ruth

“Rest” in the Bible is more than simple relaxation from a hard day’s work. Rest is God’s complete provision for us as a people. It is wholistic. This is the rest that Naomi is seeking for Ruth in chapter three. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Ruth 2:14

Ruth 2:14 has been quite  a challenging passage this week. My conversations with friends and pastors have led to a fascinating discussion on the nature of the meal Boaz prepares for Ruth.  My friend Phil Walters adds some thoughts to … Continue reading

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Chiasm and Ruth 2:19-22

The chiasm of Ruth 2:19-22 places the blessing of Boaz right at the center. He is the blessed One and He is the One who blessed. Jesus Christ is the One blessed forever by His people, but He is also the … Continue reading

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Jew and Gentile

God, in His great mercy, gave us pictures of the New Covenant long ago. In Ruth, Yahweh is already preparing the world for this great cosmic body He is creating. Through the gentleness and comfort of Boaz (2:13), Ruth is … Continue reading

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Grace and Works

Ruth provides us pictures of the gospel. It is the gospel in miniature form. Since all the Bible is inspired ( II Timothy 3), then Ruth provides us a picture of what kind of gospel this is. Ruth 2 provides … Continue reading

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Ruth as Gospel

Ruth is the perfect proof for typology. It shows that typology is necessary to biblical interpretation. Observing the text of Ruth only from a grammatical perspective misses all sorts of treasures. The positive aspect of typology is that it is not hidden, but it … Continue reading

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Ruth’s Conversion

Ruth’s example is the harshest critique of individualistic evangelicalism. Ruth clings to Naomi covenantally. She has no interest in embracing her God without embracing her people. To cling to Yahweh is to cling to His bride. The Gospel demands that you … Continue reading

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Who is Naomi?

Naomi is Israel in the days of the Judges. She is faithless Israel. She is compromised in her theology because of ten years of anti-Yahweh indoctrination. However, Naomi is also recipient of grace. She is ultimately pleasant and graced with … Continue reading

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Ruth and Garden

Ruth is a miniature gospel. You have garden/sanctuary, which is the “house of bread,” Bethlehem. Then you have land/home, which is Elimelech and his family, and finally you have world, which is Moab. The story of Ruth is God using … Continue reading

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Ruth: An Introduction

This is part one of my series on Ruth.

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Ruth: Famine and Feast

Ruth’s first verse is not a picture of what is to come, but only a sober reminder of what covenant breaking brings to a nation. The story of Ruth is the reversal of Judges; a small Edenic picture with hope … Continue reading

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Ruth, the Valiant Warrior

My fellow brother and pastor Toby Sumpter makes this excellent connection between Ruth and the Proverbs 31 woman: Boaz praises Ruth and blesses her. He says that Ruth is known among all the city’s inhabitants as being a virtuous woman. … Continue reading

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What’s Ruth about?

I am beginning a new series this Sunday on Ruth, which will take our congregation all the way until the Advent Season in late November. One brief observation to make is that Ruth is the eighth book in Scriptures, and … Continue reading

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