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Tim Tebow Cancels Speech at First Baptist Church of Dallas

Over at Kuyperian Commentary, I offer a few thoughts on Tebow’s speech cancellation.

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The Two Escobars: A Documentary

I have just completed the Documentary The Two Escobars. It is available for streaming on Netflix. The documentary tackles the lives of Pablo Escobar and Andres Escobar. Pablo was the notorious drug lord who became one of the richest men in Colombian … Continue reading

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Tebow’s Orthodoxy and False Teaching

Tebow cancels appearance with mega-church pastor, and reveals his orthodoxy. Rod Parsley’s confusion about the Trinity and his prosperity gospel has pushed Tebow to cancel his appearance. Joe Carter summarizes the entire situation: The Story: Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is canceling … Continue reading

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The Tim Tebow Time

Americans love a show.  It is no surprise then Tim Tebow has stolen that show. The 24 year old Denver Broncos quarterback has been the source of intense scrutiny. Tebow’s startling success in this season, most notably Broncos’ playoff victory over … Continue reading

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Viva Futebol!

Once in a lifetime…

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Running and glory…some thoughts.

I have grown to appreciate life over the years and I intend to enjoy this life for a very long time. Chesterton once said that you need to be fond of heaven to enjoy earth, and so I have tried … Continue reading

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Brazil Defeats Cuba

Third World Volleyball Championship…simply amazing! (click picture for link)

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Cohen on Football

Roger Cohen has a fascinating article on the New York Times relating his conversation with Henry Kissinger. Kissinger summarizes the world’s three soccer powers: Brazil has played the most beautiful football, while Italy has specialized in breaking the hearts of … Continue reading

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On Soccer and Maturity

The World Cup soon approaching means that the month of June will be saturated with a sport most Americans know little about. Yet, it is the world’s most cherished sport. As a Brazilian, I grew up cheering fanatically for my nation. … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry for Me Argentina…

Am I pleased that Maradona’s first game as the new coach of Argentina was a disaster? Bolivia defeated Argentina by the historic score of 6 X 1? Am I pleased? Immensely!

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Brazilian girls fight until the end…but gold remains with the USA

“What did I do wrong,” asked the best soccer player in the world Marta after her last chance of scoring. As she looks up to the sky, the referee ends the match. Once again the United States wins the gold … Continue reading

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For memory’s sake…

Oh, the joys of defeating England! 2002

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Football Miracle…

I have never seen this before in my life… “The Most Miraculous Play in all of College Football…” (Thanks to JT)

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Viva Italia!!!

I am finally back to reality. I will be auditing a Greek class starting this next Monday and classes are only a month away. As for my World Cup prediction, I was correct! After Brazil’s embarrassing defeat to France (Brazil’s … Continue reading

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Italy x France – A European Champion

Ronaldo didn’t shine and the French are back in a final after 12 years.

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Italy closer to a fourth title…

For the first time since 1978 the World Cup will not have Germany nor Brazil in a final. Today the Italians defeated the Germans by 2×0 in the second half of extra time. By defeating the hosts, Italy will return … Continue reading

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Soccer, Magic, and Critics

I don’t need to waste my precious time responding extensively to soccer critics, because frankly these guys are probably obese bloggers who are struggling at this moment to get up out of their computer chairs. Some of them say soccer … Continue reading

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The Dream is Over!

French Upsets Brazil…

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Another Soccer Tragedy…

* In another tragic weekend for Brazilian soccer, young Cristiano de Lima Junior died after scoring a winning goal in the Indian Soccer League. See Link This tragedy comes only one month after the death of Serginho from Sao Caetano … Continue reading

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Soccer Tragedy

Defender (sweeper) Serginho, 30, from São Caetano, died on Wednesday evening after suffering a heart attack during a game versus Sao Paulo. The player fell by himself on the field on the 14th minute of the second half of the … Continue reading

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From Politics to Soccer

What a tight race for the lead of the Brazilian Soccer Tournament! With only 8 rounds to go, Sunday’s matches put the the top 6 fighting desperately for a chance to win this title. On the other hand, this round … Continue reading

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To my two Brazilian readers…

In another emotionally draining game, Sao Paulo couldn’t maintain its score to eliminate Santos from the South American tournament. With the 1 x 1 tie we were eliminated. The positive aspect of this defeat is that we can focus 100 … Continue reading

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