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The Tomb and the Father of LIes

Gil Bailie’s book Violence Unveiled quotes René Girard as saying that, The tomb is where the “father of lies” and the “murderer from the beginning” can be counted on to issue his solemn reassurances and conjure into existence another of the “kingdoms” … Continue reading

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Unbind Him!

Jesus’ declaration to Lazarus in John 11:44 “Unbind him, and let him go,” is what the tomb heard that Easter morning from the Father.

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John’s narrative in chapter nine is a clear case of oversimplification. The disciples asked a question about the correspondence between sin and suffering. Their answer was partially correct, but they failed to see the complexity of the issue; to put … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the disappearance of the family table…

Whatever happened to the family table? Why are families no longer eating together? Why are sons allowed to take their dinners to their rooms without consulting dad and mom? This is a terrible trend. It is my unscientific conclusion that … Continue reading

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Omens and Anti-Christ superstitions…

Peter Leithart in DC references the absurd belief in the ability of oracles to predict war outcomes. For Maxentius, it was an exodus-like disaster. Likewise, David Garland’s Literary and Theological Commentary on Matthew observes similarly that in the first century, … Continue reading

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Hebrews and Warnings

In preaching through Hebrews I am constantly confronted (Chapters 2,3,6 & 10) with the idea that these Jewish believers are actually true “brethren” and not just some folks pretending to be Christians. These are actual members of the household. Thus, this makes … Continue reading

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Theology of Cross and Glory

Luther’s categories seem to be equally appropriate to Covenant Renewal Worship.  The first part of the service is meditative and introspective. There is a confession of sins where we kneel, followed by private confession of sins. There is an initial … Continue reading

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Laughter as an Art

I have long been fond of laughter. If you have met me you know that I do not fear laughing. When things are funny, laughter is the necessary response. G.K. Chesterton criticizes those who do not know the art of … Continue reading

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Dawkins and Education

Note: This is part of a weekly note sent to members of Providence Church. Richard Dawkins–the militant anti-christian atheist–declared that he is starting a summer retreat. What will they learn at this retreat? They will mix tug of war with … Continue reading

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What about the Grammatical Historical Method?

I affirm and use the grammatical historical method in all my study of Scriptures, but I do not think it is the only method to use in our study or sermon preparation. If the Bible is one history with many … Continue reading

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Trinitarian Living…

My friend Steven Wedgeworth has been delving into C.S. Lewis. His discussion led me to think about what I call the de-Trinitariazation of evangelical dialogue. Most of the discussions on incarnational and relational ministry is as Steven writes “a way … Continue reading

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Reading Through Judges

It has been some time since I last read through the book of Judges. I was struck once again by the cyclical nature of Israel’s bold sin of idolatry. What permeates so visibly the nature of the Older Covenant is … Continue reading

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Jacob and Christ

Jacob humbled himself and served Laban so that he could have his bride. Christ humbled himself and served his Father unto death, so that He would receive His bride, the Church.

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Restoring the definition of religion

Evangelicals, and even some Protestants associate religion with some dangerous Vatican attempt to sneak meritorious works into the gospel. This misunderstanding also stems from the overwhelming abuse done in the name of religion. But this is not a reason to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Death

I attended the mass for my neighbor yesterday. As the priest read the words from Jesus’ account before the grave of his friend Lazarus, I was reminded that when the Almighty Lord of Glory saw his friends’ grave, He Wept … Continue reading

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