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Why I am proud to be an American

In the best sense of the term, this has been a very patriotic weekend for me. It began on Thursday evening at the Banquet for Life hosted by Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is a ministry the saints of Providence have … Continue reading

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An Exhortation for Mother’s Day

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot begin to think of mothers without speaking of our first mother, Eve. Eve was given the task of beautifying Eden. Her duty was … Continue reading

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In Honor of Jonathon Sutton

Read the Obituary written by Caleb Sutton His name was Jonathon Sutton. He was one of the rare ones. His gentle spirit was captivating. His soft smile and joyful disposition were contagious. He loved life and life seemed to return the favor. ALS … Continue reading

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John Piper’s First Day of Not Being a Pastor Anymore

The well-known Baptist minister, John Piper, has officially stepped down from Bethlehem Baptist Church. His long career, and his plethora of books have been a source of tremendous delight for many in the evangelical world. In this short post, he offers his … Continue reading

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Howard Hendricks,1924-2013

The famed professor of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Howard Hendricks, died after serving at DTS for more than 60 years. You can hear his last sermon entitled the Ultimate Final. Among his many publications, Wikipedia lists the following: Books Say … Continue reading

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Who was Valentine?

It is not uncommon to celebrate days without the slightest clue of their origin. Such a day is the traditional Valentine’s Day, or The Feast of Saint Valentine. “Valentine” derives from valens, which means strong, worthy, or powerful. These are … Continue reading

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Praying for R.C. Sproul Jr. and Family

Eric Owens writes: “It is with great sadness that I inform you that RC’s daughter Shannon died last night. The family would cherish your prayers for them during this difficult time. We, however, rejoice that she, like her mother Denise, … Continue reading

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In Honor of the 60th Birthday of my Deacon, Ron Smith

Note: For those who were not present for that joyful occasion, here is my exhortation to the 50 or so people gathered to celebrate the life of this faithful brother. We are here to honor Ron Smith and his monumental … Continue reading

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In Honor of Mickey Schneider

Note: Here is my speech at the Retirement of my mentor, Mickey Schnider. I am extremely honored to speak this evening. I am even more privileged to address you all on this occasion. I have the spent the majority of … Continue reading

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Memorial Service for Chuck Colson: Dr.Timothy George

I had the great joy of meeting Dr. George in a presbytery meeting some months ago. A close friend of Chuck Colson, Dr. George delivered this moving homily.

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R.I.P. Christine Murray, A Prayer

I was honored to open in prayer a service of remembrance for the mother of my dear friend, Richard Murray. Richard has been attending our early Friday study sponsored by Micah 6:8. He has been a dear brother, and it … Continue reading

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The Death of Professor Francis Nigel Lee

The news came out today that F.N. Lee has passed away. According to Dr. Lee’s resource page, “in September 2011, Dr. Lee was diagnosed with incurable Motor Neurone Disease, alias Amytropic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease. At 7.50 am Friday … Continue reading

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The Death of John Stott

It is now 1:09 PM central time and I see the twitter news about the death of John Stott. Author of 52 books, Stott was a giant figure in the evangelical world. David Brooks referred to him in 2004 as … Continue reading

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Roger Nicole Resources

I have collected a few links for those interested in the life and theology of Roger Nicole. He died on December 11th at the age of 95. Articles: R.C. Sproul reflects on the death of Roger Nicole Short Bio from … Continue reading

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Roger Nicole Remembered…

I remember standing at the floor of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2003 and wondering who this man was. He was Roger Nicole, in his older age standing up to the false prophets of Open Theists. Later, I would meet … Continue reading

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The Internet Monk Michael Spencer dies…

A few words on the death of Michael Spencer. I came across his blog page and podcast in my seminary days. He quickly became a sober voice in my own life. My RTS professor Steve Brown spoke highly of him … Continue reading

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Ralph Winter dies at 84…

Justin Taylor writes: Missiologist Dr. Ralph D. Winter, founder of the US Center for World Mission and William Carey International University, has gone to be with the Lord. It is to think of people more influential and strategic in the … Continue reading

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Death of a Friend

This morning, while working on Sunday’s sermon lesson, I received a call from an old friend in Altoona, PA. He informed me that his father, Peter Brooks, has died at the age of 85. Pete was one of the first … Continue reading

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The death of Richard John Neuhaus

It was in my second year in seminary when I first read Neuhaus. Since then I have consumed a variety of articles from First Things. One book in particular that shaped my thinking on the pastoral call was his Freedom … Continue reading

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Richard Wright Tribute

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John Robbins dies at 59…

The feisty and pugilistic Presbyterian John Robbins, a committed disciple of the late Dr. Gordon Clark, has died. I first came across Robbins’ audio lectures some years ago, while trying to do some research on Clark’s apologetic methodology and a … Continue reading

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Steven Curtis Chapman interviewed by Larry King

Steven Curtis Chapman on the death of his daughter.

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Charles Reese on the death of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

A Giant is Lost.

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Milton Friedman: A Sane Voice for Our Times by John Armstrong

The late Milton Friedman (1912-2006), winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, was one of the best and the brightest of the twentieth century. He not only impacted scholars and academics but he also impacted the lives of ordinary people … Continue reading

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Thursday, 8:38AM Saddened to hear about the death of D. James Kennedy.

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Dr. Ridderbos dies…

Dutch New Testament scholar Herman Ridderbos has died. Read about his life and death.

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C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity: Analysis and Application Part IV

The second book entitled What Christians Believe deals with alternatives to the Christian faith. Lewis first establishes that though other religions are inherently wrong as a whole, yet Christians cannot categorically affirm that they have nothing to offer that is … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Henry Nouwen and the Glory of Service

Some questions are worth asking. It was in fact a question that led Henry Nouwen to exam carefully what Christ demands of leaders, as opposed to the world’s qualifications. Nouwen writes that as he became older and realized that doubling … Continue reading

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Henri J.M. Nouwen

I have just recently read Nouwen’s classic: In The Name of Jesus. In 107 short pages he establishes a Biblical model for leadership. From prayer, to popularity in ministry, to being led, Henry Nouwen sets a a trajectory that if … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Rousas J. Rushdoony

I have many heroes in the faith. Most are in repose. God has decreed that their days on earth ended. They now join the saints in heaven crying out: “When will you bring justice, O Lord” (Rev. 6). They await … Continue reading

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