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John Frame on Traditionalism

With Mark Horne, I too have an opposing understanding of Biblical worship to Professor Frame. Nevertheless, this is still a helpful analysis of a very misunderstood method. John Frame is an enlightening thinker in the Reformed faith. Professor Frame’s Article

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Ann Coulter’s article on the Robert’s nomination

Ann Coulter has written a brilliant column on the Roberts’ nomination, and it should be read by every conservative and Christian leader. The text follows: After pretending to consider various women and minorities for the Supreme Court these past few … Continue reading


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Songs of Defeat

Peter Leithart comments on the role of hymnody in our churches. He argues that modern hymnody has embraced 19th century escapist mentality. No longer are we declaring the triumph of the church or that the gates of hell shall not … Continue reading

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Doctrine As Concrete

Neil Postman’s understanding of modern society 20 years ago was that we have amused ourselves to death by salivating over what I call “media materialism.” Not only are we unaware about the growing indifference evangelicals have towards historical doctrine, but … Continue reading

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The Long Tradition…

“Once conservative, then liberal.” This is part of the long tradition of Supreme Court Justices. Republican voters cheer with great elation only to find out a few years later that their joy has turned against them. Even staunch Republican Ann … Continue reading

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Wright’s First Lecture at AAPC 2005

For those who have not had the opportunity to listen to the Auburn Avenue Conference 2005 which featured Bishop N.T.Wright and Dr. Richard Gaffin, Mark Horne has posted his first lecture in written form on his blog.

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Ralph Winter on Evangelical Worship and Hollywood

Ralph Winter is a Christian producer who is receiving acclaim from Hollywood these days in light of his new movie which is released this week in theatres: THE FANTASTIC FOUR. In this series of interviews at St. Annes’ Pub he … Continue reading

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A Review of John Stott’s Christian Mission in a Modern World

This book is based on a series of lectures given by Dr. Stott at the International Congress on World Evangelization at Lausanne in July 1974. The series of lectures center on the topic of “the nature of biblical evangelism.” Specifically, … Continue reading

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The “antichrist”

Mark Levin’s book, Men in Black, is a remarkable assessment of judicial tyranny in this nation in the last 100 years. Recent Supreme Court laws such as government control over private property is a Biblical travesty. Rushdoony has pointed out … Continue reading

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A Brief Look at Preaching

What illustrates true Biblical preaching? Is it the ability to decipher complex topical issues? Or is it your pulpit mannerisms? In recent times I have earnestly pursued to answer some of these questions in greater depth. After analyzing Brian Chapel … Continue reading

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