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The Garden: Preliminary thoughts

The Garden of Eden is hidden from contemporary evangelicalism because it is not what they want. It is better for some that the reality in Eden be never replicated on earth. The splendor of the garden is lost and now … Continue reading

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A Brief Blog Fast

In light of the new responsibilities I have inhereted from the church, it will be best to take a seven day break from blogging. For those of you not familiar with my tips’ section, a new piece on cable “TV … Continue reading

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The Word and the World…making a little sense out of the senseless

Philip Kevin Goff wrote: If American culture has moved toward evangelicals’ practice of making the personal public, so religion has moved in the direction of the broader culture. The way worship is conducted in growing numbers of evangelical congregations now … Continue reading

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Theonomy and Evangelism

In the beginning they critiqued theonomy for being purely political in their intentions. Then, when the proliferation of books came to the press their mouths were shut. Theonomy’s goal is first and foremost the transformation of the human heart by … Continue reading

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The Nomos as Light

The inconceivable notion that the law of God is burdensome has led many to minimize the greatness of the law. The law is arcane because it is thought to be burdensome. If the law was known to be light, it … Continue reading

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Music as Art and Worship

Music has always enhanced worship. In fact, it is hard for anyone even to fathom what worshiping is without music. Music by its very nature is sacramental. It replenishes weary humanity with a touch of peace and sanity. Music calms … Continue reading

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Philosophical Language in the Reformation

Who depended on whom? Some have said that the Reformers simply traded the Aristotle of Aquinas for Plato. But who did the Reformers rely for their Reformation? Did they attempt to borrow from Greeks to establish their world view? The … Continue reading

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Orthodox Icon

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Reflections on Rosie O’Donnell’s comments…

It has been almost a week since the infamous comments of Rosie O’Donnell on the View (click here for manuscript and video). In her own words: “…radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.” … Continue reading

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