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Liturgy and Its Purposes, Part II

In continuing this short series on liturgy, I am reminded of an article I read several years ago in college that relates to this topic. The article dealt with the growing attraction of traditional churches to the younger population here … Continue reading

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Liturgy and its Purpose part 1

In the last five months I have considered the purpose of liturgy. Michael Horton a few years ago wrote an article defending liturgy. In particular, he was defending Reformed liturgy. In our day, it appears  people have completely misunderstood the … Continue reading

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Why Michael Anthony Peroutka; Georger Bush and Inclusivism

We still have three days and about 16 hours for the election and I cannot stress how important it is for us conservatives to think about who we are voting for. I have publicly endorsed Michael Peroutka for President for … Continue reading

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Soccer Tragedy

Defender (sweeper) Serginho, 30, from São Caetano, died on Wednesday evening after suffering a heart attack during a game versus Sao Paulo. The player fell by himself on the field on the 14th minute of the second half of the … Continue reading

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Back to Politics – answering a common objection

A few nights ago in a popular chat channel, we began a brief discussion on why we should vote based on principles rather than on the outcome. Many agreed that in essence voting for Bush would be voting for the … Continue reading

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From Politics to Soccer

What a tight race for the lead of the Brazilian Soccer Tournament! With only 8 rounds to go, Sunday’s matches put the the top 6 fighting desperately for a chance to win this title. On the other hand, this round … Continue reading

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The Constitution Party on the Family

Strong families are the essential building blocks of a strong, moral and just community. But America’s families today are under constant attack by federally funded programs that are dangerous and unconstitutional. Government schools are drugging and “dumbing-down” our children making … Continue reading

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What Others Say: On Wasting your vote By Robert Bird

“True conservatives should jump while they still can.” Conservatives (which is becoming an increasingly murky term) are almost unanimous, if they are honest, in their agreement that their cause is currently dead in the water. The reasons are complex, but … Continue reading

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What about the unborn?

I surely wasn’t expecting all the e-mails on this last blog. It seems that if you don’t vote for Bush then you are not on God’s side. Listen, it’s not about the votes, it’s about principles. top story relates … Continue reading

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Michael Peroutka as President. Why not?

I can’t tell you how many people have told me to not vote for Peroutka because voting for him is worthless. In fact, just last night a dear friend e-mailed me and said in essence, “he seems to be a … Continue reading

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To my two Brazilian readers…

In another emotionally draining game, Sao Paulo couldn’t maintain its score to eliminate Santos from the South American tournament. With the 1 x 1 tie we were eliminated. The positive aspect of this defeat is that we can focus 100 … Continue reading

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Peculiar Christianity in the Love of God’s People

There are sociological reasons/factors that contributed to the spread of Christianity in the 1st century. Among them is the Pax Romana, which facilitated the message to be preached in Rome. Also, the advantage of the formation of Koine Greek. It … Continue reading

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Reflections On Developing A Spiritual Pattern

In a time when discipline is pushed aside due to pragmatism, spiritual theology is pushed aside due to evangelical lethargy. It is a daunting task to set spiritual goals when they may be in a near future altered by our … Continue reading

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Books I am reading and read in the last 2 weeks

Here is a sample list of some of the books I am currently reading and some I have read in the last two weeks. Currently reading: The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson Doctrine of the Knowledge of God by John … Continue reading

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Developing a Spiritual Pattern

The more we approach the topic of spirituality the farther we seem to grasp it. This is the essence of a genuine form of sanctification: to increase in complexity. I have found this to be the case in pursuing spirituality … Continue reading

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Doug Wilson on current events

87 Billion Topic: Current Events Part of the slipperyness of this presidential campaign can be seen in the taunts registered against John Kerry by the Republicans — “he voted for the 87 billion before he voted against it!” And I … Continue reading

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