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A Critique of Atheism: A Case Against God Part 1

George Smith’s introduction begins by asking the philosophically heavy question: Does a god exist (ix)? Smith asserts that the answer to this question is one that has led to a substantial amount of literature. The “vast majority have answered the … Continue reading

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Good Wine, Good Fellowship!

  As is custom in my household, a little glass of red wine (any red wine) before my nightly rest is the culmination of my evening. After my glass of wine I know that the evening is coming to a … Continue reading

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Mohler on CNN with Larry King

The movie “Brokeback Mountain” presents a distorted and unbiblical picture of human sexuality, said R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, during a Jan. 17 appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

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The Emotional Argument for War

Recently Janet Parshall–whose commitment to the Republican Party seems to overshadow her commitment to Scriptures– brought on a young lady who fled the tyranny of Saddam to the US to bathe in the splendor of the American Dream. Parshall without … Continue reading

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A Basic Thesis for Theonomy

A likely misunderstanding of ethics would be to assume that God has left no standard or moral compass for guiding how we ought to live and how society ought to be governed. The reason By This Standard is such an … Continue reading

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By this Standard!

I have just finished reading one of Greg Bahnsen’s major work entitled: By This Standard. In this 350-page excellent defense of theonomic ethics, Bahnsen articulates and defends the basic premise of theonomy: that God’s law is the only law to … Continue reading

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50 Most Influential Christians???

It is no exaggeration to state that the 50 most influential Christians in America according to the Church Report are some of the most dangerous to the church. Granted, there are a few exceptions like John Piper (who probably would … Continue reading

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Greg Bahnsen speaks on war…

Professor Greg Bahnsen, whose death 10 years ago was a defeat for the Christian Apologetic world, but a victory for God’s great providence, has left us with some great treasures in a myriad of topics. In a radio interview recorded … Continue reading

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Alito on Abortion

I realize I may be making statements that are too obvious for those who are committed the Christian world and life view. But again, most America evangelicals do not boast on their commitment to a distinctly Biblical view of life. … Continue reading

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