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Cal Thomas speaks out against public schools

Following my previous post on Intelligent Design in public schools, Cal Thomas has come with intensity on his new article in He writes that we should welcome Judge Jones’ ruling to impede any idea of Intelligent Design to be … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design in Public Schools?

The media has been replete with news on the Intelligent Design debate. This time however, the issues have taken a more serious nature. Intelligent Design advocates believe they can make a strong enough case for allowing certain features of design … Continue reading

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George Smith on Atheism

This is one of many blogs on George Smith. He is the author of “Atheism: A Case Against God.” An atheist blogger has recommended this book, and out of courtesy, I have begun reading the book in order to engage … Continue reading

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Ten Years after Greg Bahnsen

On December 10th, a group of friends, associates and admirers will gather for a dinner to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the passing of a man who was hardly a household name, but perhaps ought to be. He is the … Continue reading

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Bishop Wright on understanding the New Testament

Question: What few books would you recommend as a foundation for understanding the NT? The foundation for understanding the NT is at one level prayer, humility, and openness to what the living God may be saying in Jesus Christ and … Continue reading

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Seminary in the 9th inning

It is remarkable indeed how ferocious the end of a semester can come upon you. In two weeks I will have concluded my third semester at RTS/Orlando. In order to ease the overwhelming tension of book reading, note-taking, and more … Continue reading

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