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Buchanan on American Occupation…

In this article Buchanan defends Paul’s assertion that we were attacked because of our occupation, not because of our “goodness.”

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Is Glenn Beck schizophrenic?

In his interview of the honorable Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck asserts that Ron Paul is the “closest to the founding fathers.” So, are Ron Paul supporters, who Beck equates with terrorists also supporters of the Founding Fathers? If so, are … Continue reading

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Hannity embraces flip-flop philosophy…

My friend opines rightly about Sean Hannity’s delirious support for the Republican Neo-Cons, no matter if the tables are turned. Steve Wolters writes: I found it interesting that Mr. Hannity was attempting to legitimize the practice of flip-flopping in the … Continue reading

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This is what I say to the Iraq War…

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CNN YOUTUBE debate and Ron Paul’s performance…

Tonight’s debate was a despicable display of socialism and warmongering. Mike Huckabee wants to use our tax money to subsidize every project under the sun and Mars. Even Romney was shocked. He looked at Huckabee and said: “That is not … Continue reading

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The Heroic Andrew Napolitano on the Horrendous Patriot Act

A Nation of Sheep…

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Ron Paul Podcast #6 Huckabee’s Liberal Record and Ron Paul’s Favoritism in the Polls

Show #6: Huckabee’s Liberal Record and Paul’s Favoritism This podcast lasts 3 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives. Program notes: On this 6th podcast I would like to speak briefly about Mike Huckabee’s liberal economic policies. In a recent … Continue reading

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From the archives: John Newton’s Rebuke of Calvinists…

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on my blog in June of 2004. “And I am afraid there are Calvinists, who, while they account it a proof of their humility that they are willing in words to debase the creature, … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright vs. Gnostic “Reformed” thinkers…

Bishop Wright’s lecture on God and Politics are worth quoting. Lee Irons–who strongly opposes Wright’s view of the Kingdom–posted these quotes on his blog. Wright’s lecture on God and Politics Though, I find myself in constant disagreement with Wright’s perplexing … Continue reading

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Limbaugh, McCain, and Thompson speak out against Fox News and pro-Giuliani Sean Hannity

By now it is obvious that Fox News has completely abandoned any dimension of neutrality concerning the Republican candidates. Last week, Rush Limbaugh answered a question concerning who he would endorse in the Republican Party by stating that it is … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on Abortion…(2)

In 40 years of medical practice, I never once considered performing an abortion, nor did I ever find abortion necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman. In Congress, I have authored legislation that seeks to define life as … Continue reading

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A Presbyterian Fable by Douglas Wilson

A young ministerial candidate was asked whether his sacramental views comported with those of the Westminster Standards. This line of questioning was a novelty to him, and so he asked for a copy. One was quickly produced, but when it … Continue reading

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Calvinism a Life System by Abraham Kuyper

Here are some great quotes from my study of Kuyper’s first lecture entitled: Calvinism A Life System. 11 -Two life systems are wrestling with one another, in mortal combat. Modernism is bound to build a world of its own from … Continue reading

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Prayer of the Faithful

O God, who are great and to be praised, who have brought us from corruption to incorruption by the life-giving death of your Christ, free all our senses from the death of the passions, setting over them as a good … Continue reading

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Apologus Interviews Pastor Paul Michael Raymond, Part 2

Continuing interview… Apologus: Your definitions seem quite clear in light of the current political dilemma of the Christian community. Particularly, the Christian conservative movement seems to undermine the Biblical message of Christ’s Lordship by denying the authoritative Word to determine … Continue reading

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Apologus Interviews Pastor Paul Michael Raymond, Part 1

Apologus Interviews is the title of these interviews with distinguished guests.[1] In this first interview-conducted largely via e-mail, I interviewed Reconstructionist Pastor Paul Michael Raymond. Pastor Raymond is the pastor of Reformed Bible Church in Appomattox, Virginia. This interview will … Continue reading

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Ron Paul is George Will’s man…

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From Casselberry, with love: A Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn, I write this short letter from Casselberry, Fl. Casselberry is fairly insignificant in light of the magnitude of this great Republic, nevertheless, I hope you will take my words seriously. Some days ago, you did something that I … Continue reading

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Follow the yellow brick road to Rome?

My dear brother Pastor James Grant makes sense out of the non-nonsensical either/or dilemma posed by the TR’s of the west.

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Saturday links…

My tips’ page has been updated after 5 months: How to avoid getting sick this season… Gary North writes an insightful article entitled: Ron Paul’s Long Coat-Tails. Doug Phillips talks about a new book entitled Passionate Housewives. The book is … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Podcast #5 -Non-interference and change

Show #5: Non-Interference and change This podcast lasts 5 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives. Program notes: Now that the phenomenal fourth quarter “money-bomb” of 4.2 million dollars in one twenty-four day is somewhat passe, we need to see … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone Interview..

From today’s Rolling Stone interview with Dr. Paul: Tim Dickinson: Giuliani seems to be the warmonger in chief — leading the drumbeat for war with Iran. What would a Giuliani presidency mean for our national security? Dr. Paul: If someone … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman: A Sane Voice for Our Times by John Armstrong

The late Milton Friedman (1912-2006), winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, was one of the best and the brightest of the twentieth century. He not only impacted scholars and academics but he also impacted the lives of ordinary people … Continue reading

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A Theology of Simplicity, Part 2

Continuing our discussion of simplicity, it seems fruitful first to develop a theology of creation. This will give a better context to understand the nature of the simple Christian life. I think evangelicals’ greatest misunderstanding of the Bible comes because … Continue reading

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A Theology of Simplicity, Part 1

Editor’s Note: This is an introduction to the topic of simplicity. Simplicity has generally been known to those of the religious left persuasion (Ron Sider, Richard Foster), since they feel that simplicity goes hand in hand with their socialist agendas. … Continue reading

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Infant Baptism Debate: White vs. Strawbridge–Thoughts and Theological Considerations

Editor’s note: I have updated this post to add a few more thoughts on the debate (11-10-07). I have just heard the debate between Baptist author/apologist James White vs. Presbyterian minister and author Rev. Gregg Strawbridge. Throughout my theological life, … Continue reading

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Rasmussen Reports and Bravo for Ron Paul…

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mike Huckabee back in single digits and Ron Paul gaining another percentage point of support in the very unsettled race for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Bravo, Bravissimo…

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Taxes for bridges…

Speaking to high schoolers in New Hampshire, Paul made an interesting observation. Concerning our taxes, Paul illustrated the unending taxation in war time when he said that our tax dollars go to buy bombs to destroy bridges in Iraq and … Continue reading

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Pat Robertson endorses Rudy Giuliani…

If the fate of the nation were left to the neo-conservatives, we would be economically and socially doomed. The neo-cons will fight wars everywhere. They could care less about our current economic status, our national defense, or the lives of … Continue reading

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The God who relents and Federal Vision Theology

The topic of the “immutability” of God has gone through various adjustments and disputations in these last 20 years in the church. In the past, older commentators seemed to close their theological eyes to such difficult passages (God “repented,” “relented,” … Continue reading

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