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Proverbs 11, Blessing the City, Series: Kingly Wisdom, Part VIII

People of God,  we are going to continue our look through Proverbs. I hope this study has been refreshing and challenging to you as it has been to me in my preparation. We are going to look through verses 5-11 … Continue reading

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Sarturday Psalter, Psalm 80, Genevan

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What Evidence?

Fr. Longenecker poses a dilemma to the commonly asked atheistic question: The most frequently asked question by atheists who come to this blog is “What evidence do you have for the existence of God?” My reply is always to ask … Continue reading

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The Table of Love

We come to the Lord’s Table each Lord’s Day to be fed by the Father, who meets our needs above and beyond all that we could ask or think. He has given us life. He sustains that life. He protects … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Blessing the City

We are coming to the end of our fiscal year. After worship this morning we will offer our budget for approval. This is a time of great joy for our Congregation. 2012 has been a good year for us. But … Continue reading

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The Fiery Weapon

  The Church is God’s greatest masterpiece. It is not a man-made institution; it is the creation of God the Father, Son, and Spirit. It is the fiery weapon that God uses to pierce the hearts of men. {Editor’s Introduction, The … Continue reading

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Putting Humans to Right

God is going to put the whole world to rights… But the advance plan for that is to put human beings to rights in advance. The gospel isn’t just Phew! I’m okay now so I’m going to heaven!It’s I’m actually … Continue reading

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Endorsements for “The Church-Friendly Family”

A great resource for countering the family-idolatry that the family-everything-first crowd is touting. Korah wanted every “head of household” to sacrifice at his own altar instead of at the central altar in public worship. The ground swallowed him and his … Continue reading

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Book Endorsement from Peter Leithart

Families are founded on death―the separation of a man and woman from their families of origin. Families end in death―the dispersal of children and finally the death of parents. Like seeds in the ground, families must die to bear fruit. … Continue reading

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What the Blessed Man Believes About His Children

The blessed man will not accept what the world says about his children. He will believe what God says about his children. God says they are olive plants, holy and beloved. Thus, the godly man will water his children in … Continue reading

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The Church-Friendly Family

After three years of editing, The Church-Friendly Family is finally available for purchase. You can purchase the book from Covenant Media: Of the making of books about marriage and the family, there is no end. The family is in trouble today―and … Continue reading

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Blessing the City! 10 Suggestions for Becoming a Better Localist

Have you sought to bless your city lately? Proverbs 11 says that the upright needs to bless the city, and when he does so the city is exalted (see also Jeremiah 29). Localism is not merely a political philosophy, it … Continue reading

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Tolkien, Politics, and Mordor on Trinity Talk Radio

Here is my latest interview for Trinity Talk with Mark Horne

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G.K.Chesterton Hour with Todd Leonard

One of my parishioners at Providence Church, Todd Leonard, offered an overview of Chesterton’s life and works. Worth the listen!

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Inescapably Personal

If the universe is inescapably personal, then there can be no phenomenon or event in the creation which is independent from God. {Gary North, Genesis: The Dominion Covenant, 2}

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Food Laws and Vegetarianism

A few thoughts: a) Yes, vegetarianism was THE diet of our forefathers. At that point, death had not entered the world, so animals were not part of the pre-fall nutrition system. b) Why vegetarianism? Because it was the first creation, … Continue reading

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Sermon: Kingly Wisdom, Part VII, The Greatness of Humility, Proverbs 11:1-4

People of God,  we are plunging into the wisdom of Proverbs in this Pentecost Season. One reason we are delving into such a practical book is because Pentecost is all about the Church showing the world what being a Christian … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: A Table for the Humble

This meal is a humbling meal for the people of God. It strikes at the very root of human pride. After all, God does not give us crumbs, but the very best of his children. In this memorial, we are … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Worship and Humility

We come this morning with a sense of our utter dependence on God to meet with us and supply our needs. Worship presupposes humility. Anyone who enters this worship space with a heart of pride will be utterly disappointed in … Continue reading

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Postmillennialism Defined

This Saturday, the Pastors of Providence Church will offer a class on the distinctives of our congregation. Among them, is our commitment to a postmillennial eschatology. For some attending the class, this be rather new, since they have for very … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Faithful Witness in Our Business Ethics

A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is his delight. (Proverbs 11:1 ESV) Almighty and everlasting God, creator of heaven and earth, who sees into the secret places of our hearts: make us aware … Continue reading

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Mercersburg Theology: An Interview with Jonathan Bonomo

 Click Icon for Interview Jonathan is the author of Incarnation and Sacrament: The Eucharistic Theology of Charles Hodge and John Williamson Nevin.

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Trinitarian Hospitality, A Parishioner’s Reflections

On reflecting on my sermon on Biblical Hospitality, one of my parishioners, Gracie Scott, offered some thoughts and applications based on her study of the issue framed by a Trinitarian model: God, the three in one, is hospitably life giving, so … Continue reading

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The Straight Paths

There is a great fondness for geometric straightness in Solomon’s words in Proverbs. This fondness is also expressed in John the Baptist’s declaration as the one who would present Messiah to the world: “…make straight his paths.” In Proverbs, the … Continue reading

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In Honor of the 60th Birthday of my Deacon, Ron Smith

Note: For those who were not present for that joyful occasion, here is my exhortation to the 50 or so people gathered to celebrate the life of this faithful brother. We are here to honor Ron Smith and his monumental … Continue reading

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Political and Evangelical Theology by Brian Mattson

One of the fearful manifestations of modern evangelicalism is the embarrassing witness of evangelicals towards a manifestly evangelical political theology. This is exactly what Brian Mattson is not afraid of in his new book: Politics and Evangelical Theology: A Guide for … Continue reading

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Proverbs Series: Kingly Wisdom, Part VI, On Biblical Hospitality

People of God,  we are seeking to build a community where Jesus is supreme over our lives, our thoughts, and actions. Submitting to Jesus in this wholistic manner is no easy task. If you grew up in an environment where … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Exuberant Joy

“Feasting is for Joy,” Solomon says. The message is then that this holy feast, the greatest of all Christian feasts, is a feast where joy ought to be prominent. This is what we are called to do. For those of … Continue reading

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Exhortation: The Church as the Antidote to Sadness

We live in a sad world. We turn on our tv’s or read the paper and we are confronted with a barrage of images that can devastate our moods. In some ways, the Lord’s Day worship is the antidote to … Continue reading

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The Dominion Covenant

I have begun reading through some portions of Gary North’s first work on Genesis as I read through the biblical account of Genesis. In this 1982 commentary, North attempts  to offer a distinctly Christian view of economics. Going against the … Continue reading

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