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But the Bible is not a devotional manual: it is a battle plan and a prescriptive word, a command word, and therefore a law word. The “spiritual” preachers deserve not even a yawn: they…

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God’s House of Healing

Healing is a highly liturgical act. Jesus demonstrates this in a variety of ways, and we too ought to demonstrate it. The idea of cessationism does not do justice to the normative function of the New Creation Church. Cessationism implies … Continue reading

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Two Introductory Lessons on the Heidelberg Catechism (Audio)

Having adopted the Heidelberg Catechism as a Church this past year, I have been offering a couple of basic introductory lessons on the Heidelberg. If you are interested, here are the first two lessons at Providence Church. Introduction to the … Continue reading

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Punished by the Tongue

The Devil, because he had deceived Eve with his tongue, is punished by the tongue, that he might not speak.” –Bede

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The Devil Went Down to Capernaum (Luke 4:31-44)

Luke emphasizes the authority of Jesus’ word. The demonic reaction emphasizes this point. The demons wanted their synagogue revival. They wanted their week to shine by showing their power through erratic behavior and violent preaching techniques. Jesus’ appearance on the … Continue reading

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Authority of Word and Miracles

Arthur Just makes the simple observation that ἐξουσίᾳ (authority) is used in Luke 4:32 and 4:36. The first connects Jesus’ authority with his words/teaching and the second connects it with his miracles. Jesus’ words cannot be separated from his miracles. The … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter,Genevan 80

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Communion Meditation: The Meal of Unity

This manifestation of Jesus in the synagogue is filled with vivid imagery (Luke 4). The anger of the Nazareth audience demonstrates that in this world we will have tribulation. The promises of God fulfilled in Jesus have severe repercussions for … Continue reading

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A Festschrift to Norman Shepherd

Andrew Sandlin and John Barach have done a great service in providing these essays in honor of Norman Shepherd. Obedient Faith  is “a tribute by students and friends to a courageous theologian’s lifelong stand for a full-orbed, obedient Christianity.” In the preface, Andrew … Continue reading

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John Piper and Women in Combat

Piper takes a swing at this issue and knocks it out of the park. According to Pastor Piper, “A man who endorses women in combat is not pro-woman; he’s a wimp. He should be ashamed.”  He goes to make the … Continue reading

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Luke 4:16-30 and the Implications for the Defenseless in the Womb

The good news to the poor Jesus came to preach (Luke 4) is the good news to the defenseless in the womb by implication. The poor is usually swallowed by those who take his life by force. The good news … Continue reading

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The New Elijah

In a technical, but fascinating piece in the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, John C. Poirier observes that Jesus is the true Messiah Priestly Elijah figure. And further, that interpretations that have viewed Elijah as merely a prophet has led to “unnecessary complications … Continue reading

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Death No More: A Brief Exhortation on the 40th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

The incarnation is the miracle of divinity becoming flesh without losing his divinity. Jesus is fully God and fully man. The incarnation is the miracle of birth. Birth, which is despised in our culture, is actually God’s gift for men … Continue reading

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Praise for “The Trinitarian Father”

The Trinitarian Father is not another work by an expert father to the rest of us — no, it’s better than that. Rather than offering his own wisdom, Uri Brito guides fathers through the whole biblical sweep of our Heavenly Father’s … Continue reading

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On Earth is not His Equal

And Christ is the truth in such wise that thou shouldst receive the whole to be true in Him. The true Word, God equal with the Father, true soul, true flesh, true man, true God, true nativity, true passion, true … Continue reading

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The Trinitarian Father

I have published my little essay The Trinitarian Father via kindle. And at this moment it seems to be doing quite well earning a #6 spot under “Christian Youth Ministry.” Go ahead and download yourself a copy for $0.99.

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Got Wine?

According to J. Duncan M. Derrett in “Water into Wine,” (Biblische Zeitschrift, Neue Folge, 7 (1963), pp. 84-85,89) Mary was deeply concerned about the shortage of wine in John two for a few reasons: First, she was deeply involved in … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Wash Yourselves and Eat with Jesus!

We celebrate today the baptism of Jesus, because all the events in the life of Jesus are significant to our own lives. The baptism of Christ is that initial moment where he presents himself to the world as the God/Man … Continue reading

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What the Incarnation Means…

Here is a gem from Donald MacLeod, quoted by Peter Leitart on what it means for Jesus to be with us: “For the Son of God, the incarnation meant a whole new set of relationships: with his father and mother; with … Continue reading

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Exhortation: The Voice of Yahweh

  In the Psalm we are reciting this morning we will hear a lot about the voice of Yahweh. Psalm 29 says some spectacular things about what the voice of Yahweh accomplishes. It literally transforms the landscape of the desert, makes … Continue reading

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Homosexuality Brings Death!

Homosexuality brings death! The entire testimony of sacred Scriptures attests to this fact. St. Paul writes that they “dishonor their bodies among themselves.” Yet our culture continues to live as if it is simply a choice like any another. But … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on Jesus’ Baptism

I may have to read this sermon again next year. It was filled with rich imagery and powerful sacramental statements. Here are a few from Luther’s sermon preached on the Epiphany of our Lord, January 6th, 1534: “Christ is holier … Continue reading

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Wedding Homily for James and Patricia Prado

James and Patricia, it is appropriate that you begin your married life here in the presence of all these witnesses. After all, marriage is public. Not only because of these witnesses, but because the Lord of all public places is … Continue reading

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The Baptism of our Lord

Nicolas Poussin. The Baptism of Christ. 1647. Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK.

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What to Expect in 2013

With the publication of The Church-Friendly Family in September, I have finally fulfilled one of my great dreams. This blog has become a great place to throw ideas, sermon manuscripts, and a host of other thoughts. In terms of readership, I have … Continue reading

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2012 in Review!

And so we reach the end of the year! The seventh day of Christmas is upon us, and the promise of Epiphany is near. The year of our Lord 2012 has been filled with new life in the Brito household. But … Continue reading

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