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How I Have Changed

I spent a couple of hours today chatting with an old friend of mine. He is now a pastor of a Lutheran congregation. He is a fine fellow whom I long to re-acquaint face to face with a pipe and … Continue reading

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Imitative Theology

We are imitators by nature. God made us this way. We are, after all, image-bearers. To copy is human. We know this in a very profound way when we become parents. Children very early on begin to reflect our temperament … Continue reading

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Why Most Christians Should Use Facebook!

It is likely that you are a Facebook user. In fact, over one billion people are on Facebook. And of course, it is likely that you are reading this article because a friend linked to it on their Facebook page. … Continue reading

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Praise for “The Trinitarian Father”

The Trinitarian Father is not another work by an expert father to the rest of us — no, it’s better than that. Rather than offering his own wisdom, Uri Brito guides fathers through the whole biblical sweep of our Heavenly Father’s … Continue reading

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The Trinitarian Father

I have published my little essay The Trinitarian Father via kindle. And at this moment it seems to be doing quite well earning a #6 spot under “Christian Youth Ministry.” Go ahead and download yourself a copy for $0.99.

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What to Expect in 2013

With the publication of The Church-Friendly Family in September, I have finally fulfilled one of my great dreams. This blog has become a great place to throw ideas, sermon manuscripts, and a host of other thoughts. In terms of readership, I have … Continue reading

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R.C. Sproul Jr. and the Kuyperian Commentary

I have always enjoyed reading my good friend, R.C. Sproul Jr. over the years. He is witty, sharp, and biblically astute. So I am glad that he has joined Kuyperian Commentary as Special Contributing Scholar. Here is his first post.

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22nd Family Advance Conference

Thursday, November 8 6:00 pm                 Registration 7:00 pm                 Leadership in the Kingdom –Gregg Strawbridge Friday, November 9 8:30 am                 Fellowship/Book Sales 9:00 am                Pastor as Father –Rich Lusk     … Continue reading

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Kuyperian Commentary

I suppose I should let you all into a secret. I have another blog. It’s called The Kuyperian Commentary.  Take a peak. You see it’s nice and clean. I started the blog over five years ago to talk about politics, and in … Continue reading

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Ephraim Augustine Brito

Born on August 30th, 11:52PM:

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Auburn Avenue Pastor’s Conference

We are headed to Monroe, LA for the twelfth Auburn Avenue Pastor’s Conference. I am looking forward seeing some old friends.

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Faris Paxton Examination

One of the many purposes of going to Monroe in early January was also to be a part of the examining committee of Faris Paxton. Faris did a fine job answering questions thoroughly and pastorally. May God grant Faris mercy … Continue reading

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New Year, New Projects!

With 2011 in its genesis, this also means lots of new projects for this blog. A few reasons to check this blog often: First, I have the great goal to read 52 books this year and provide a video review … Continue reading

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20th Family Advance Conference

We returned yesterday from the 20th Family Advance Conference, which concluded with a joint service of Trinity Presbyterian and Providence Church. The lectures this year focuses on Educating the Next Generation. The speakers r were Rich Lusk, Gregg Strawbridge, Sam … Continue reading

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Second Night…

Our second night at the hospital has been quite eventful. We had many visitors and some great gifts as well for little Ezekiel. The four hours of sleep have done us some good. My mother arrived from Brazil yesterday and … Continue reading

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First Night….

My first night here at the hospital with my wife and our new baby was quite peaceful, though I look forward being back on my own bed. The nurses have been very friendly and gracious.  Mommy and baby are doing … Continue reading

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Ezekiel Athanasius is here!

This morning Abigail and I worshiped with the saints at Providence and now I am staring at my new son! Blessed be Yahweh!

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Baby Coming

Our baby boy will be arriving early tomorrow morning…we are heading to the hospital this evening. Please pray for us. Update: Dinner at Chili’s and a two mile walk with wife and in-laws…heading to the hospital in 45 minutes.

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On the Office…

I remember walking into Chuck Hill’s office at Reformed Seminary. It looked lovely and romantic with books scattered in the most unlikely of places. Dr. Hill is a genius. He can afford to be a bit eccentric. I am no … Continue reading

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Moving Things…

A long, but satisfying Tuesday. I began the day quite early going over some of my notes for my class on the Psalter. Having done some previous work (sermon and lesson) on Psalm 23, I re-arranged a few notes and used them … Continue reading

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My Office

As I sit down in my office I am staring at hundreds of books on the floor. They–that is the books–all desire an eschatology of hope. They want to be raptured into a shelf and neatly ordered according to author … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania: Ten Years Later

Early tomorrow  I will be flying to Altoona, PA.  It has been almost ten years since I last visited Altoona. I attended a small high school while living there for a year. In those days, a Georgian 73 year old … Continue reading

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Check it out…

I am always encouraging people to start their own blogs…so, when I found out that my old college friend Craig Hurst started one I had to plug it. Here it is!

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The Baptism of Jesus Christ…

Here it is… Book Description: The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptizer is one of the theologically richest narratives in the Gospels, touching the transition from the old to the new covenant, the doctrines of water and Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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The Bird and Baby

These guys had the audacity and courage to invite me to become a contributor. Brave indeed. Peruse their website and become a member.

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New Record for 2010

Thanks for making Friday (Good Friday) the busiest day of the year with almost 300 hits.

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Three new library additions…

Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl by N.D. Wilson Jane Austen by Peter Leithart Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

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Auburn Avenue Pastor’s Conference 2010

I will be at AAPC from Monday through Wednesday.

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Anno Domini 2009…

May the God of all grace fill you with His Spirit as you end another year. Rejoice and be glad for the King of Kings is the Lord of time and history. He will be with you even to the … Continue reading

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