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Final Exams Approaching…

I will be taking a two week caesura, in light of the final exams and ( I need to be disciplined in my reading) the different events I will be attending. Peace be with you.

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May Flower Compact

“In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord, King James, by the Grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, e&. Having undertaken for … Continue reading

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The Valley of Vision

. I have just recorded another prayer from the Valley of Vision. These prayers express what most of us cannot in words. It strikes the heart of sin and the essence of praise. Listen to the first three recordings. This … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright, Evil, and War on Terror

Since the writing of my paper in December of 2004 , I have been a strong critic of the War in Iraq. There are myriads of examples that could be listed as to why this war has failed, is failing, and will continue … Continue reading

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The Death of a conservative agnostic

Milton Friedman died a few days ago. He was 94 years old. His death probably did not make much news. Constitutional Libertarians like myself find Friedman’s  writing on education partly compelling (in my opinion he failed to see the immoral and unconstitutional … Continue reading

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How about learning Basic Greek?

I am not a Greek scholar. I have now taken five semesters of Biblical “Koine” (means common) Greek and there is still so much to learn. Of course, I am training to be a pastor, so Greek will be a … Continue reading

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Going to Church in the First Century

I have just finished reading Robert Banks’ short fictional representation of: “Going to Church In The First Century.” There are 48 short pages. It is possible to finish it in a couple of hours, but I decided to read through … Continue reading

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40 years, experiences, and the Honorable J.I. Packer

Reformed Theological Seminary has just celebrated 40 years. The Orlando Campus is only about 20 years old, but the very first campus of Reformed Theological Seminary began in 1966. RTS was formed as a response to the liberalism of mainline Presbyterian … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Henry Nouwen and the Glory of Service

Some questions are worth asking. It was in fact a question that led Henry Nouwen to exam carefully what Christ demands of leaders, as opposed to the world’s qualifications. Nouwen writes that as he became older and realized that doubling … Continue reading

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Henri J.M. Nouwen

I have just recently read Nouwen’s classic: In The Name of Jesus. In 107 short pages he establishes a Biblical model for leadership. From prayer, to popularity in ministry, to being led, Henry Nouwen sets a a trajectory that if … Continue reading

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Reviewing “A Good Year”

Last night I had the pleasantness of enjoying Russel Crowe in another superb performance. Granted, my level of criticism tends to be diminished when Crowe plays in most movies. Perhaps I expect too much out of Hollywood, so when “Cinderella … Continue reading

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Gary North Speaks…

“Baghdad Bob” was one of the names given to the Iraqi Minister of Information back in March, 2003, during the invasion of Iraq. His real name is Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf. “Baghdad Bob” is a lot easier to remember. He became … Continue reading

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What of the Republicans?

Election results are slowly coming in for the senate race, but it is evident that the fight will be over Joe Lieberman (Independent) and who will be able to seduce him first. Democrats are in power again after twelve years … Continue reading

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To Curse or not to Curse…follow-up comments.

Due to the article’s length I have not received as much feedback as I expected, neverthless, the 5-7 comments I have received were very thoughtful. Not all agreed as I expected, but some were thankful for my contribution in this … Continue reading

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The Unbeliever and Self-Deception

The unbeliever attempts to live in a world governed by none; a world where he is not held accountable or where his lifestyle does not need to submit to any standard. His oaths are breakable for he has no one higher by … Continue reading

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To Curse or Not to Curse, that is the question. Analyzing the usage of “God” and cursing in our conversation

This paper will intend to deal in an inconclusive manner with the question of the use of “God” and general “cursing”[1] in the life of the Christian. Though it is foreseeable that some will disagree, nevertheless it should help to … Continue reading

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Absolutely Despicable…

Last evening my wife and I and a few students drove to downtown Orlando to hear Dr. James White debate bishop John Shelby Spong. By the way, Spong also debated the late Walter Martin some years ago. It appears that his … Continue reading

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Absolutely Despicable…

Last evening my wife and I and a few students drove to downtown Orlando to hear Dr. James White debate bishop John Shelby Spong. By the way, Spong also debated the late Walter Martin some years ago. It appears that his … Continue reading

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The Pride of Self-Attention

For those of us constantly involved in theological disputes, clarifications, and the like are generally the most visible in the public eye. Though this becomes a source of great encouragement to others and aid when we clarify crucial details of the text, … Continue reading

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The Only Eschatology of Hope

I have written a few comments in the past about some general frustration I have concerning the predominant Amillenial position in the Presbyterian Church of America. My constant exposure to godly Amillennarians like Dr. Simon Kistemaker (whom I love dearly … Continue reading

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Thomas a Kempis (c. 1380-1471) and Trinitarian Speculation

 Thomas a Kempis[1] offers the modern Christian a deep analysis into our lives. His insights into our spiritual sins of pride, greed, and false humility are desperately needful. As a medieval ascetic writer, he strongly opposes the natural tendency of … Continue reading

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