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5 minutes after Jeopardy…Ken Jennings finally loses

The rumors were true! After winning over 2.5 million dollars, Ken Jennings finally lost. I don’t remember exactly the question, but the magic answer was H&R Block. With 74 victories, this makes Jennings the greatest winner in the history of … Continue reading

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4 quick updates

#1 For anyone interested in a great movie to rent in the next few weeks you will be pleased to watch: Man on Fire. Undoubtedly, this has made my top 10 list. Denzel Washington takes on Mexico City’s corrupt police … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be gone for the next few days, so there may not be any blogging. Anyway, I thought James White’ s posting of George Washington’s Yhanksgiving proclamation was appropriate, so here it is for those who have not read … Continue reading

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America’s Neo-Gospel by David Alan Black

As the church struggle in the United States continues unabated, the witness of Bible-believing Christians to the necessity of biblical law and constitutional government remains alive and well. Their message that Americans – “Christian” Americans included – need conversion will … Continue reading

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Sabbath Sermon: Mark 7

This morning at St. Paul’s Presbyterian, Rev. Mike Malone continued his series on Mark 7. Today he suggested that we look at Fallujah as a metaphor for our internal conflicts. We  shift our attention to our own lives and realize … Continue reading

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Why I am an Augustinian

In Alister McGrath’s Historical Theology there is an entire section on the Donatist vs. Augustine controversy. Let me explain the issues that caused this controversy in the early church. One of the great dilemmas for the early church was how … Continue reading

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A Few References to my Amillenialists Friends…

No Other Standard – A response to Theonomy a Reformed Critique By This Standard – Also by Greg Bahnsen Paradise Restored – David Chilton Debate Over Christian Reconstruction – Gary Demar Follow the links to find each book on-line for … Continue reading

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A Confession

Yes, I admit it! I am a Postmillenialist. I have been for over 2 years. There is a lot of story behind why I became a postmillenialist, but this is not what I am concerned about here. I am concerned … Continue reading

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Is Islam inherently violent?

Today I had a most helpful discussion in class. As I has mentioned earlier, I had a debate on the topic of Islam, specifically is ” Islam inherently violent?” I took the pro position affirming that Islam is inherently violent … Continue reading

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Getting Overwhelmed…

Tomorrow I have a debate in my history class on the nature of Islam. I will be defending the proposition that Islam is inherently violent. It is a 25 minute presentation and then a Q&A. I have spent a substantial … Continue reading

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Keith Mathison on Why Evangelicals Must Recover sola Scriptura

The Evangelical church has not awakened readily to a fact that many Roman Catholic apologists have been quick to notice. The simple fact of the matter is this: the modern Evangelical doctrine of Scripture-solo Scriptura-is self-contradictory and fundamentally absurd. If … Continue reading

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Scott Peterson is sentenced to death! As I suspected this would not be an OJ Simpson case. This time justice prevailed, even amidst many setbacks. A California judge Wednesday sentenced Scott Peterson to die by lethal injection for killing his … Continue reading

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A Guide to Movie Watching – My Top Five

I will attempt to put together a list of five movies that have made a lasting impression on me. My choice is based on a series of factors. Hopefully, you will consider these as well. 1) Redemptive themes, 2) Symbolizes … Continue reading

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Peter Leithart on Justification

I have thoroughly enjoyed Peter Leithart’s blog the last few months. He has been by far my favorite sacramental theologian. Here are his thoughts on justification: Justification is not the end of a story, but the beginning. Consider Noah, who … Continue reading

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Jonathan Edwards’s Imagery

I am in a sense addicted to Edwards’ Biblical imagery. Simply put, it appears that he is the medicine our modern day preaching needs to ignite a true godly revival in the church. So, which is more important, heaven or … Continue reading

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Three Quick Updates

Update #1 – John Ashcroft resigns! This was not a big shock since the rumors had been going on in DC for quite some time now. Who will replace him and the new changes in the administration will be the … Continue reading

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Holy Father, you are Just. When we deserved punishment, you gave us rewards. When we deserved death, you gave us life. Lord God of all creation, you have redeemed us as your people to love. And we your people continually … Continue reading

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Justification by Faith Alone

This morning at St. Andrew’s Chapel Dr. R.C. Sproul delivered an excellent summary of the Reformed position on Justification by Faith Alone. In his series on the book of Acts, he has reached the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15) where James … Continue reading

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Democrats’ Message

The overall theme of all major stations, radio programs, and news around the country has been on the question of “How can Democrats recover from the recent blow?” I have read Bill Clinton’s answer. He said Democrats need to put … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Election and the Future

It has surely been an surprising election. For most of us who believed this would prolong to the next month or so were proven wrong. At least we know that the nation has learned from Florida’s mistakes in 2000. President … Continue reading

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