John Robbins dies at 59…

The feisty and pugilistic Presbyterian John Robbins, a committed disciple of the late Dr. Gordon Clark, has died. I first came across Robbins’ audio lectures some years ago, while trying to do some research on Clark’s apologetic methodology and a Christian perspective on economics. Robbins was clear, succinct, and unapologetic in his defense of the Reformed faith. Though our understanding of the Reformed faith led us to very different conclusions, I always appreciated his zeal for Calvinism. I echo Douglas Wilson’s thoughts on his death when he writes: “He (Robbins) now resides at the heart of all delight, a delight that will only be surpassed when we all come to the resurrection of the dead.” May your body rest in peace, my brother, until that glorious day.

Read Gary North’s thorough analysis of Robbins and his life.

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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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1 Response to John Robbins dies at 59…

  1. kennethos says:

    Robbins is experiencing a lot more love and joy now than I suspect he ever experienced (or gave) during his life. He was not very gracious in his life, from what I read and heard of him.

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